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Round 7 for CJMC

Round 7 for CJMC


Round 7 of the Coventry Junior Motocross Club Championships was held at their home track of Stratford. Not only was the weather lovely, so was the track thanks to Colin and Julie Hambridge, Les Beckett and Mick Sparrow, who all took time off work to make changes and resurface parts of the track with bark mulch and paint the post tops white – although Julie ended up with more paint on herself than the posts.

Out first were the seniors and Matt Ogden flew in the first race to take the win, with Gerwyn Pritchard in second and Liam Wright in third. After an incident in race one Scott Bates had a lot of work to do and did it by winning races two and three for the overall win. Chris Povey had a superb second race with a second position ahead of Liam who had another third. Liam had an even better third place by coming in second  for a second overall, and Gerwyn’s third in race three granted him third overall.

Next were the big wheel 85s and with two wins in races one and two the overall win went to Karl Haycock. In the first race he was followed in by Jay Thomas with Jack Eldridge in third. In the second race Jack Weaver had a much better ride to come second with Jack Eldridge again in third. In the final race Jack Eldridge came so close to the win but a slight mistake allowed Jack Weaver the win with Eldridge in second and Jay in third. Jack Weaver’s win warranted him the second overall with Jack Eldridge in third.

Racing in the small wheel 85s was so close that one slight mistake by the head of the pack would cost them five or six positions. One of the only riders with the same position all day was the races leader and overall winner Curtis Blamey. In the first race Jordon Batchelor came in second and Tyron cleaver third. Robbie Hollyoaks had a truly fantastic second race to come in second ahead Liam Taylor in third, who also had a great race. In race three it was Greg Evans who came in second and Grady Featherstone riding well in third. Overall the second place went to Greg Evans and third to Tyron Cleaver.

Tommy Schofield had a good day in the juniors with two race wins in races one and two and a second in race three for the overall win. Albie Wilkie rode well in races one and three with a second and first respectively, unfortunately a DNF in race two put him out of contention. Second overall went to Owen Woodhouse after a second in race two and third in race three. Rounding up the overall top three was Adam Hill, who came third in races one and two.


The AMX were out next and Seb Osbourne, riding a different bike to his usual, didn’t have it all his own way, even with the race one win. Dan Jagielski was the one to watch as he stormed into the lead in races two and three after second in race one. Adam Mayo had a good day of racing with third in race one, then second in race two ahead of Seb in third. Seb then picked up his pace again in race three for second place, with Scott Hambridge having an excellent third race in third. Overall the win went to Dan, Seb in second and Adam third.

No problem for Callum Green in the autos meant he went home at the end of the day with three race wins and the overall win. The competition in the autos was between Luke Woodhouse and Ryan Manley, who fought over second place. Ryan came in ahead of Luke in race one but for the final two races Luke got the better of Ryan. This left Ryan with the overall third behind Luke in second.

Seb Osbourne may not have had the AMX races his own way but it was a different story in the Open class, in which he was on his normal bike. He flew into the lead straightaway to take three race wins and the overall win in this class. In race one Jamie Whale rode superb for second place ahead of John Holder in third. However in race two Jamie had to settle for third behind Jason Kendrick. Jason in turn had to settle for third in race three as John had a much better race for second. Overall the second place went to Jamie Whale and third to Jason Kendrick.

A big thank you to the above mentioned workers, whose efforts certainly paid off. Also to the marshals who risked sunburn to help the day go ahead.


1.       49 Callum Green

2.       16 Luke Woodhouse

3.       7 Ryan Manley

4.       4 Ethan Cooper

5.       44 Charlie Townsend

6.       13 Declan Roden


1.       18 Tommy Schofield

2.       17x Owen Woodhouse

3.       46 Adam Hill

4.       30 Benjamin Kind

5.       6 Dylan Woodcock

6.       39 Danny Troughton

Small Wheel 85s:

1.       12 Curtis Blamey

2.       32 Greg Evans

3.       7x Tyron Cleaver

4.       72 Robbie Hollyoaks

5.       114 Jack Wilson

6.       125 Liam Taylor

Big Wheel 85s:

1.       49 Karl Haycock

2.       60 Jack Weaver

3.       121 Jack Eldridge

4.       24 Jay Thomas

5.       6 George Wright

6.       88 Ryan Farrell


1.       11 Scott Bates

2.       38 Liam Wright

3.       14 Gerwyn Pritchard

4.       60 Matt Ogden

5.       44 Chris Povey

6.       25 Nick Morris


1.       5 Dan Jagielski

2.       1 Seb Osbourne

3.       52 Adam Mayo

4.       14 Scott Hambridge

5.       8 Graham Lamb

6.       404 Gary Barnes


1.       1 Seb Osbourne

2.       7 Jamie Whale

3.       X Jason Kendrick

4.       70 John Holder

5.       95 Mark Gillingham

6.       22 James Allsop

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