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Graham Jarvis

Graham Jarvis is a professional extreme enduro rider, competing around the world for Husqvarna with support from Goldentyre, Belray Oils, Shot Clothing, TCX Boots, Blackbird, Scorpion Helmets and Adventure-spec. Hailing from Ripon in North Yorkshire, he made his name as a trials rider, winning his first trial at the age of 10.

He worked his way up to become a five-time British Trials Champion and four-time Scottish Six-Day Trial winner, eventually being ranked number four in the world. He also won the infamous Scott Trial nine times, more than anyone else has ever won the competition in its 100 year history.

However, as the sport of Extreme Enduro began to grow in popularity, he decided to make the switch, and he found factory support with the Husaberg Extreme Racing Team, quickly establishing himself as one of the world’s top riders in the emerging discipline. In 2008, he won Red Bull Romaniacs and came second at Hell’s Gate, and over the next five years he won enduro competitions all over the world, including Romaniacs three times, Tough One three times and Erzberg in 2013.

In his last official race for Husaberg in November 2013, Graham won the Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro in Australia, before joining up with Husqvarna. The move has been a great success as Graham continues to perform well in many of the world’s leading enduro races, with victories including the 2013 Roof of Africa and 2014 Hell’s Gate, his fourth victory in the competition.




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Graham Jarvis