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Zak bigs it up at Finningley - 90 Racing MXC Report

Zak bigs it up at Finningley - 90 Racing MXC Report

Zak Biggs Adult B rider 185 - Courtesy of MXCam

A beautiful sunny day dawned for the 200+ riders who decided not to watch the GP but ride instead!  Ed and crew had prepared an excellent track for the riders who turned out in their droves to have a fantastic day of racing.  An awesome standard of riding was seen throughout the groups with some fine racing for the many spectators.

Out first went the Autos and as usual there were plenty to watch.  Kian Collinwood powered through the sand taking first place with maximum points.  Finishing 1-1-1 Collinwood showed the pack his back with some excellent riding.  Chasing hard was Lewis Wood who was consistently good placing 2-2-2 to finish second overall.  Improvement after the first moto with places 5-3-3 saw Dalton Dring take third overall just ahead of Oliver Johnson in fourth.

Out went the 65s and again there were plenty.  Sammy Price looked fantastic and took overall first placing 1-1-2.  Christopher Mills took the last race win but Price had done plenty to claim the top podium spot.  Rhys Upton placed 2-2-3 to take a well fought overall second ahead of James Scott.  Scott placed 3-3-4 to take overall third above Kurtis Griffiths in fourth.

Next out went the Small Wheel 85 group and as in all the groups there were plenty.  Joe Jacques took overall first on the day placing 2-2-1 to take a well earned first overall and stand on top of the podium.  Keenan Armstrong was unlucky in the last race as he was clean swept from his bike but came back through well to take 1-1-4 and second overall. Troy Willerton rode excellently through the sand and took 3-3-2 to take overall third with George Grigg-Petit in fourth.

Next out went the Big Wheel 85 group and as always they were awesome!  Macauley Madden dominated the day and rode three excellent races to take overall first with maximum points placing 1-1-1.  Jake Biggs had a fantastic day and looked to be enjoying himself to place 2-3-3 and take overall second.  John Foster rode well and was consistently placed with 3-4-4 to take third overall ahead of Lauren Collinwood.  Collinwood recovered well from a terrible crash in the first race to take overall fourth.

Next up went the Youth Open group and they were just outstanding.  Sam Wragg chased all day and pulled the last race win to take overall first with 2-2-1 places.  Daryl Wallis was consistent despite a starting crash in the second race and placed 3-4-2 to take overall second.  Damon Brooks looked odd on for the win until he crashed out in the third moto but came back through to place 1-1-12 and take overall third ahead of Luke Bull in fourth.

Next up went the Novices and they rolled up to the gates in high spirits.  Ross Armour was flying and placed 3-1-1 to take an excellent overall first and claim the podium pinnacle.  Simon Barker recovered well from a poor first race result to place 6-2-2 and take second overall.  Dave Thomas claimed the last place on the podium and was very consistent all day to place 4-6-3 and take third overall just ahead of Paul Jackson in fourth.

Last out went the Intermediate B group and again plenty of high jinks were seen!  Zak Biggs flew out the gate and dictated the pace to take overall first in style with maximum points placing 1-1-1.  Chasing hard but unable to match Bigg’s speed was George Stanley.  Stanley placed 3-2-2 and took second overall with some excellent riding.  Stephen Newbould had a great day and claimed the final place on the podium taking overall taking overall third placing 5-3-3.

The Experts had their usual 2 motos and the many spectators lined the banks to watch some breathtaking racing.  Lee Harrison won the first race but despite a poor second race claimed overall first placing 1-5.  Ryan Bruce was awesome to watch and stormed through to finish 5-2 and second overall.  Last podium spot went to consistently placed Andy Smart with 4-4 finishes giving him third overall just ahead of Adam Hayward.

Thanks as usual must go to several people; Team 90, Eddymed, Squad 90 marshalls led by Mick Sherriff, Score 90 consisting of Julie, Nic, Andrea and Chris and most of all the riders!  They were awesome to watch and everyone had a great day.  As well as top 10 trophies in all groups the club gave out sweets for all the riders, free rides on the raffle and holeshot prizes in all groups!  Well done to everybody for a great weekend of riding and we look forward to seeing you at Sand Hutton on 28th August with the track being open for practice on Saturday 27th August.


Autos:                         1. Kian Collinwood                2. Lewis Wood

3. Dalton Dring                       4. Oliver Johnson

5. Oliver Woods                      6. Joe Ross

Jnr 65:                         1. Sammy Price                       2. Rhys Upton

3. James Scott                         4. Kurtis Griffiths

5. Connor Mirfin                     6. Jack Wankling

SW 85:                        1. Joe Jacques                          2. Keenan Armstrong

3. Troy Willerton                     4. George Grigg-Petit

5. Ashton Dickinson               6. Nathan Claughan

BW 85:                        1. Macauley Madden              2. Jake Biggs

3. John Foster                          4. Lauren Collinwood

5. Thomas Shedwick               6. Ben Appleyard

Youth 125:                  1. Sam Wragg                         2. Daryl Wallis

3. Damon Brooks                    4. Luke Bull

5. Luke Atkinson                    6. Alex Hilton

Novice C:                    1. Ross Armour                       2. Simon Barker

3. Dave Thomas                      4. Paul Jackson

5. Ellis Russell             6. Adam Leary

Inter B:                        1. Zak Biggs                            2. George Stanley

3.  Stephen Newbould                        4. Scott Matthews

5. Tom Collinge                      6. Gary Stevens

Expert A:                    1. Lee Harrison                       2. Ryan Bruce

3. Andy Smart                                    4. Adam Hayward

5. Chris James                         6. Dean Goggins


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