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YMSA Championship 1 Finningley report

YMSA Championship 1 Finningley report

Despite the rain, the turnout for the first YMSA championship round was fantastic. Over 250 riders signed on in the morning, meaning 5 out of 8 full gates. Ed Bradley and his team had spent the time preparing the track to perfection but unfortunately the weather didn’t hold off for the days racing. The rain came down hard and did not show any sign of stopping, at one point it was even trying to snow! Riders fought hard to get round the slippery track at Doncaster Moto Parc but it seemed like they were fighting a losing battle. Due to the weather and the conditions of the track, the race day was complete after one block of races.

A very big thank you goes to all riders that turned up and attempted to ride. We will see you at the next round on the 25th of March at Sherwood.

Written by Nat Jarvis
Photographs by Lisa Griffiths

1- Charlie Heyman 2- Jack Grayshon 3- Ben Clark 4 – Leon Travis 5- Oliver Woods 6- Joe Ross
1- Rossi Beard 2- Lewis Hall 3- Declan Hunter 4 – Danny Clarke 5- Harvey Ward 6- Brogan Johnson
Small Wheels::
1- Dexter Douglas 2- Jake Edey 3- Daniel Shepherd 4 –Ben Burridge 5- James Camwell 6- Jake Waterworth
Big Wheels:
1- Jordan Eccles 2- Robert Yates 3- Scooter Webster 4- Jack Naylor 5- Will Keogh 6- Kenny Ryalls
Adult Open A’s:
1- Tom Batty 2- James Nottingham 3- Lee Harrison 4- Daniel Hions 5- Pete Eccles 6- Callum Luxton
Adult Open B’s:
1- Tom Wightman 2- Shaun Bamford 3- Will Stafford 4- Luke Robinson 5- Ryan Thorp 6- Shaun Woodhan
Adult Open C’s:
1- Sonny Lowther 2- Lewis Stead 3- Mike Prady 4 – Chris Keenan 5- John Pattison 6- Richard Mowbray
1- Macauley Madden 2- Daryl Wallace 3- Ben Halfpenny 4 – Luke Atkinson 5- Sam Wragg 6- Corie Bishop


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