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Year fifty eight for Patchquick Trophy and what a year

Year fifty eight for Patchquick Trophy and what a year


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Year fifty eight for Patchquick Trophy and what a year

Year fifty eight for Patchquick Trophy and what a year

The 58th running of the Patchquick Trophy took place on Wednesday evening, and with a line up mixed with GP riders, Maxxis riders and some local Remedies Bar competitors, it was sure to be an excellent evening of racing for the huge crowd that had turned out. As the qualifying sessions began, its was the Spiked sponsored STR Honda rider Jordan Rose that set the fastest lap time which was sure to send a message out to his competitors. Jason Dougan onboard a 450 suzuki was second fastest with Jonathan Pettitt in third. In the Junior Class Ryan Blee set the fastest time which guaranteed first gate pick for the evening’s races. CJ Layzell was second fastest with Mark Wakely in third.

With the track in prime condition the opening expert’s race was ready to begin. Jordan Rose it was who grabbed the holeshot, and with a clear track ahead set on opening up a lead. Rose was followed by his EX-team mate Shane Carless, Jonathan Pettitt and Jason Dougan. As the race came to an end Carless was posting some impressive lap times and began to catch on Rose, but it was all to no avail as he would have to settle for second behind Rose. A few laps before the end Pettitt dropped the TM machine on the finish corner which handed the postion to Dougan who came home in third.

MOTO’s own Bryan Mackenzie

In the second experts race Rose again took the holeshot, and as all the riders made it round the first corner there was one casualty in the name of Dougan. However he quickly picked him self up and set on making up some places to enhance his overall position. Rose was followed by Yelland, but this however didn’t last as Yelland got a stone trapped in his rear brake, causing the Exeter rider to come in and get it removed. Pettitt inherited second position with Danial Preston and Carless in hot pursuit. Rose again took the victory, with Carless making his way through to second, demoting Pettitt to third.

PAR Honda’s Shane Carless finished on the podium in third

In the final race John May this time took the holeshot with Bryan Mackenzie second and race one and two victor Rose in third. Mackenzie was soon looking for a way past May and eventually he succeeded in doing so. Rose would then also pass May and with Carless a couple places behind he knew he was on course to getting his name on the famous trophy. Mackenzie went on to take the victory with a very happy Rose finishing in second. Current title holder Pettitt came home in third.

2008 Patchquick Trophy champion Jordan Rose

In the Junior A class it was pole sitter Ryan Blee that took the opening holeshot closely followed by Scott Ardren and Wayne Butt. As the race went on a real intense battle was happening at the front with Ardren desperate to pass Blee. He eventually did so and went on to take the victory. Blee came home in second with CJ Layzell in third.

In the final race Blee found himself dead last and knew he had it all to do. Brett Wheeler it was who took the holeshot and started to open up a gap at the front. As the race went on Layzell and Mark Wakely had recovered from mid pack starts and found them selves in second and third respectively and closing on the leader. Unfortunately they left there charge to late and Wheeler took the victory with Layzell and Wakely closely behind.

In the junior B class Harry Sellwood took the opening victory followed home by David Ford and Dean Warren. Warren went on to take the second race victory, with Darren Hounsell and Brent Williams behind.

Report and images by MOTO reporter Stuart Cawse