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WORLD SCOOP! Yamaha’s all-new 2014 YZF450 breaks cover

WORLD SCOOP! Yamaha’s all-new 2014 YZF450 breaks cover

Yamaha has wheeled out a brand new YZF450 race bike that is likely to form the basis of the 2014 production machine.


The bike was uncovered briefly today (Friday) as it was taken to technical control for the opening all-Japan championship round which is in sight of Honda’s CRF production factory at Kaumamoto in the south of Japan. And MOTO’s photographer Taku Nagami was there to capture the bike on his iPhone!

Although initial reports said the bike was to be a full factory bike, it actually looks far closer to a production machine. It marks Yamaha’s official return to the Japanese championship with a factory team.

It features an all-new frame, bodywork, subframe and exhaust. The exhaust is like the factory GP team have been using and snakes around the engine on both sides. This way, the silencer is moved further forward towards the front of the bike for improved mass centralisation. The motor is still the rear-canted motor that was debuted in 2010.

No fuel cap!
No fuel cap!

The main frame looks a similar shape to the current bike but the subframe is all new. If you look closely you’ll see there is no fuel cap on the new tank which is lower than the old tank. The fuel cap now sits under the front part of the seat which is now in two parts.

Honda also unveiled its all new 2014 CFR250 which is a virtual clone of the twin-pipe CRF450 that debuted in 2013. The Honda still uses the Unicam motor.

More details and photos as we get them.

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