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It’s A Wild One! Chippenham Wildtracks Summer Championship Rd 6

It’s A Wild One! Chippenham Wildtracks Summer Championship Rd 6

A change of venue was definitely needed for Rd 6 of the EKSSC summer championship, as Bletchingly was out of the question, due to the heavy rainfall that continued to spread across the country. Nevertheless one track that was going to stand out from the rest was Chippenham’s Wildtracks! The riders may have been a little worried to whether the track would hold up under the wet conditions as they travelled the distance; but they needn’t of worried as the track not only looked superb it gave the riders the excitement they needed!

Visitor Brad Woodroffe had a tremendous run amongst the East Kent lads, working his way to a superb overall victory in the Amx group, taking a 3-1-1 finish. Rowan Hill and Piers Skinner tried so hard to rumble Woodroffe with the pace quickening in every lap between the guys. But with Woodroffe securing his position, meant that Hill and Skinner would have to settle with their well-earned second and third overall placings. Scott Finch did especially well in all three blocks finishing well within the top ten each time, grabbing a ninth overall behind twin brother, Matt in eighth.

Danny Birkby’s awesome hole shot in the Open group wowed the spectators as he held off some of the major contenders. Arron Jenner, Tony Cuddy, Ryan Matthews and Frankie Bennett were all hungry for a win, with their battle for the top spot proving to be electrifying to watch, especially in the first block. It looked as if Cuddy would take the chequered flag until Jenner sneaked through after Cuddy slipped out. Jenner’s further 2-1 finish gave him the premier result with Cuddy’s 2-1-2 putting him in second overall. Matthews had done enough to put himself in the remaining third overall with a consistent 3-3-3.

Ben Franklin grabbed himself the group overall in the Seniors after a demanding round. Jake Fry and Tom Neal were moving in for a taste of the action; with Fry just taking the advantage over Neal for second overall to put Neal in overall third. Both Dan Guy and Joe Russell are starting to edge each other on, by putting each other through their paces. It certainly worked as they both finished in the top six with Harry Mills alongside them too.

Boy what a close race the BWs had, as the front pack dug in and made easy work of the sandy track. Arron Ongley took a win in block two and worked hard throughout the day to get within reach of the group overall. It was a close decider between Ongley and Callum Heasman, who’s 1-4-1 finishes had done enough to secure him a victorious overall finish; putting Ongley in the all-important second place. Visitor Daniel Patterson gained a mixture of a 4-2-6 finish, putting him well and truly in third overall with Billy Stevens in fourth. Stevens is certainly moving up the field this season and could be a contender for the runners.

Albie Wilkie had some new names after his tail in the SWs with Ryan Allison, Sam Ongley and Elvis Darizza all up there waiting to strike. But with Wilkie pulling away in all three blocks for a hat trick finish, meant that the remaining top pack would have to fight amongst themselves for the remaining overall top spots; resulting with Allison claiming second and Ongley in third overall.

In the Junior group, Ashley Surridge just keeps reeling in the wins, taking a further 1-1-2 for the overall moto. Visiting rider, Calum Mitchell had a splendid run with Surridge and Ike Carter as the lads tussled for the positions on the podium. Mitchell worked so hard and was rewarded with a superb win in the third block. Carter’s third overall finish didn’t go unnoticed as the little guy kept his consistent pace going to take the well-earned result.

Finally last up were the Autos and as usual they didn’t falter one bit. Bobby Bruce scored across the board with three straight wins with Jake Swann powering up into second and Raife Broadley holding on tight to his finish of third overall. It’s got to be said that all of our younger riders rode superbly and even when the going got tough they still kept on going. Well done!

Lastly on behalf of the club, a big thank you needs to go to all of the Wild Tracks team, after coming up trumps once again and agreeing to run the meeting at such short notice. THANKS GUYS!

AMX – 1 Brad Woodroffe, 2 Rowan Hill, 3 Piers Skinner, 4 Adam Cooper, 5 Jamie Austin-Carter, 6 Paul Kilsby
Open – 1 Arron Jenner, 2 Tony Cuddy, 3 Ryan Matthews, 4 Frankie Bennett, 5 Luke Lewis, 6 Ben Crane
SNR – 1 Ben Franklin, 2 Jake Fry, 3 Tom Neal, 4 Dan Guy, 5 Joe Russell, 6 Harry Mills
BW – 1 Callum Heasman, 2 Aaron Ongley, 3 Daniel Patterson, 4 Billy Stevens, 5 Joe Ellson, 6 Nathan Turner-Whittle
SW – 1 Albie Wilkie, 2 Ryan Allison, 3 Sam Ongley, 4 Elvis Darizza, 5 Kyde Marlow, 6 Tom Borrett
JNR – 1 Ashley Surridge, 2 Calum Mitchell, 3 Ike Carter, 4 Jake Sinden, 5 Billy Carter, 6 Ethan Cooper
Auto -1 Bobby Bruce, 2 Jake Swann, 3 Raife Broadley, 4 Alfie Card, 5 Harvey Fagg, 6 Luke Sinden

Reported By Tracey Whittam
Images by Ann Cooper


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