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What now for Kristian Whatley?

What now for Kristian Whatley?

What now for Kristian Whatley?

After making the decision to leave PAR Honda for a factory ride at Rinaldi Yamaha to race at Kristian’s home GP at Matterley Basin there seemed confusion on what the deal actually is, was it a one ride deal just for the BritGP or was it a ride for the remaining of the season based on performance? When the news first broke it was a opportunity not to be taken lightly and to ride for factory team is a once in a lifetime opportunity which needs to be taken seriously.

Unfortunately Kristian crashed at Matterley and has injured his shoulder and looks likely to miss a few weeks racing but who will he race for on his return?

We received this from the Whatley camp explaining the current state of affairs.

“After such a promising start to the weekend with a safe qualification on Saturday and 5th fastest time on Sunday it will be obvious we were all disappointed for Kristian after he crashed in Moto 1 injuring his shoulder. After lining up for Moto 2 it was clear that it would be impossible to race safely and we pulled off. Sorry to the fans for that but it was impossible for Kris to carry on. We are awaiting a doctors confirmation as to the level of Kristians injury, it’s too early to tell from X rays as there’s still a lot of swelling around the joint. Hopefully we’ll know more in a few days when he will be assessed again.

The injury rules Kris out of the GP at Lierop as he will be far from 100% he needs to be to get a good result there.

Despite the outcome of the GP for Kristian it was an honour to be able to get to know the team and represent Monster Yamaha and Rinaldi at his home GP.

We’d like to thank Giovanni and the crew for his time and attention in welcoming Kris into the team seamlessly and Michele Rinaldi and Yamaha for this great opportunity, it was a pleasure working with the team and Kris is now looking to the future and getting back to full fitness, if we can do this for the remaining GP’s this remains to be seen but we will try for sure.

We’d also like to thank all the fans for their support and the messages of encouragement he received since the news broke about his deal with Legendary Rinaldi Monster Yamaha Team.

See you all at the races, we’ll be back

Supersmooth 227….”


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