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West of England Youth MX Championship Rnd 1 report

West of England Youth MX Championship Rnd 1 report

South West hosted the 1st round of the West of England Youth Championship and their 2nd CC at The Pan, Enmore. With the help of South Somerset and their timing what a day it turned out to be. With practise done and dusted the MX1 and MX2 were first out. Ryan Allen was the first round the corner with Tommy Alba and the rest of the pack chasing hard, but not for long as Alba passed Allen in lap 3 and was first pass the finish flag, leaving Allen to come in 2nd. Wayne Butt, Anthony Milliar swapping places all the time but Milliar was the one to take 3rd position. Moto 2 was much the same with Alba taking the win, Allen second, which left third place to be filled with Darren Banwell, Olly Jones and Jordan Broadway in the mix, but with Banwell forgetting his juice for his mount he didn’t quite make it to the finish on time which left Jones to take the 3rd position. Moto 3 Luke Heaver was the first out but with Allen and Alba pushing hard this was not for long. Banwell was back in the mix and chasing hard which paid off and gave him a third position so with Alba yet again taking the win even though he incurred a 20 second time penalty he took home the overall for the day, with Allen 2nd and Jones making the top 3.

The Auto’s were next to the line taking to a slightly shorter track and in moto 1 Harvey James, Dylan Cadwallander and Jake Pascoe were the boys to watch having a great race and this was how they crossed the line in moto 1. Moto 2 finished in the same order, with Edward Hoddinott, Alfie Calvert and Tyler Westcott making up the top six.
Moto 3 and after another fantastic race, at the finish the order was the same as moto 2.

The Juniors giving the whole track a good going over saw Conor Ford, Callum Gasson and James Rowe have a good fight with each other; Ford took the win followed by Gasson and Rowe.
In moto 2 Ford put in another great ride for the win a head of Gasson with Louis Townsend taking a well deserved third place.
Ford was unstoppable and won moto 3 with Townsend taking second and Rowe third.

The Big Wheels next out saw red hot favourite, Billy King have a bad start in moto 1, making his way through the field only to make an error and drop his flying KTM. Jack Roberts seized his opportunity and took the win a head of Callum Ford, King took third spot after having a great battle with Jamie Harris in fourth..
King in moto 2 was not in the mood for silly mistakes, he took the hole shot and was never seen again, Roberts pushed for the second slot, and after another thrilling battle involving Harris and Ford, Harris got the better at the line with third.
King once again in moto 3 took the hole shot and the win, Ford this time second and Harris third. Well done boys for some unbelievable riding.

The Rookies kept up the atmosphere with Josh Broadway finally getting the better of Ryan Davis in second and Luke Williams third in moto 1. It was nice to see in moto 2 Mitchell Ayres grab the hole shot and put in a great effort to hold off Broadway until lap six, who went on to take the win. Two corners from home and Ayers hit the deck hard ruining his chance of taking what would have been a brilliant second, so that left Ryan Harris taking second after a brilliant race with Williams in third.
Broadway taking a clean sweep in moto three with another win, Davis in second and Williams in third after a real battle with Harris and Liam Brown. Again some thrilling racing lads.

The anchor boys were the Small Wheel pilots, and boy what a day’s racing they had. Bradley Flagg and Harry Pritchard were at it in every moto, Flagg taking moto 1, another two taking it to another level was Archie Hicks and Casey Williams, Hicks taking the third spot in moto 1. In moto 2 Pritchard got the better of Flagg for the win and putting in a great performance to spoil the boys fun was the flying Lucy Calvert with a brilliant third. The final race of the day was arguably the best, with Pritchard and Flagg bashing bars right to the chequered, Pritchard taking the win with only the mylaps timing being able to separate them, Calvert with another great third place.

Truly brilliant to watch, some of the best racing you will see anywhere. Well done all concerned, if Rnd two at Tiverton on the 9th of April is half as a good we are all in for a treat. Well done to Harry Davey who finished 10th overall in the Rookie’s and won the Albion voucher for the first West of England round.

1st Ryan Allen 1st Tommy Alba
2nd Anthony Milliar 2nd Olly Jones
3rd Wayne Butt 3rd Ross Churchill
4th Luke Heaver 4th Jordan Broadway
5th Shayne Headon 5th Tom White
6th Josh Griffiths 6th Haydn Crocker

Rookies Big Wheels
1st Josh Broadway 1st Billy King
2nd Ryan Davis 2nd Callum Ford
3rd Luke Williams 3rd Jack Roberts
4th Ryan Harris 4th Jamie Harris
5th Liam Brown 5th Owen Woodley
6th Connor Palmer 6th Calum Priddle

Small Wheels Juniors
1st Harry Pritchard 1st Conor Ford
2nd Bradley Flagg 2nd Callum Gasson
3rd Lucy Calvert 3rd James Rowe
4th Archie Hicks 4th Louis Townsend
5th Casey Williams 5th Liam Gale
6th Moreland Smith 6th Kyran Billing

1st Harvey James
2nd Dylan Cadwallander
3rd Jake Pascoe
4th Alfie Calvert
5th Edward Hoddinott
6th Tyler Westcott

Photos by Neal Phillips
Report by Wendy Williams


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