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Tommy Searle: "I have again proved that I am the fastest"

Tommy Searle: "I have again proved that I am the fastest"

Tommy Searle raced to his third GP win of the season in the eighth round of the FIM World MX2 Motocross Championship at Bastogne in Belgium to confirm his ambitions of winning this year’s world title.

Just four days after his 23rd birthday the Englishman and his Kawasaki KX250F were in scintillating form as he holeshot both motos and swept to the overall GP victory. The track was treacherous in the first moto as spinning wheels quickly cut through the mud left by the heavy rain the previous day to reveal slippery rocks. Adopting a cautious approach on the opening lap Searle gave up the lead to title rival Herlings but was quickly back on his rival’s rear wheel before nearly crashing as he sought alternative lines. He wisely settled for second place, secure in the knowledge that victory in the second moto would secure the overall GP victory. Once again hitting the front from the first turn Searle ensured that he never gave his rival the chance to attack and finished an overwhelming winner of both moto and GP. The pace which the two leaders had set was so fast that Searle won the second race nearly a minute faster than the winner of the MX1 race on the more powerful 450cc machines. The victory has consolidated his second place in the world championship at the halfway stage of the series.

Tommy Searle: “My Kawasaki got me out of the gate first in both motos and that is really important in my battles with Herlings. I was a little too cautious on the first lap of the first race but the track was really tricky and I didn’t want to take any risks. I knew I was the fastest and I soon caught him up again, but we were both using the same lines so I had to search for new ones but they were not so good; I nearly crashed and lost a lot of time, but I knew I could still win the GP on the second moto. The track was better in the second race and I just concentrated on keeping him off my rear wheel. The points gap is still 24 points, but we are only halfway through the series and I have again proved that I am the fastest.

1 Tommy Searle Kawasaki 47
2 Jeffrey Herlings KTM 47
3 Jeremy Van Horebeek KTM 40
4 Joel Roelants Kawasaki 34
5 Arnaud Tonus Yamaha 32
6 Jordi Tixier KTM 30
7 Jake Nicholls KTM 29
8 Jose Butron KTM 24
9 Alessandro Lupino Husqvarna 23
10 Mel Pocock Yamaha 21
14 Dylan Ferrandis Kawasaki 14

Race 1
1 Jeffrey Herlings KTM
2 Tommy Searle Kawasaki
3 Jeremy Van Horebeek KTM
4 Joel Roelants Kawasaki
5 Jake Nicholls KTM
6 Jordi Tixier KTM
7 Arnaud Tonus Yamaha
8 Jose Butron KTM
9 Mel Pocock Yamaha
10 Alessandro Lupino Husqvarna
DNS Valentin Teillet Kawasaki
DNF Dylan Ferrandis Kawasaki

Race 2
1 Tommy Searle Kawasaki
2 Jeffrey Herlings KTM
3 Jeremy Van Horebeek KTM
4 Arnaud Tonus Yamaha
5 Joel Roelants Kawasaki
6 Jordi Tixier KTM
7 Dylan Ferrandis Kawasaki
8 Jake Nicholls KTM
9 Alessandro Lupino Husqvarna
10 Jose Butron KTM
DNS Valentin Teillet Kawasaki

1 Jeffrey Herlings KTM 364
2 Tommy Searle Kawasaki 340
3 Jeremy Van Horebeek KTM 308
4 Joel Roelants Kawasaki 238
5 Jordi Tixier KTM 217
6 Jake Nicholls KTM 204
7 Max Anstie Honda 191
8 Alessandro Lupino Husqvarna 152
9 Jose Butron KTM 150
10 Dylan Ferrandis Kawasaki 139
19 Valentin Teillet Kawasaki 67


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