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The 2012 World Motocross Championship caravan rolled into Mexico for its fourth stage, the first of this season’s two consecutive ocean crossings. The Husqvarna Motocross Team by Ricci Racing made a punctual arrival at the Guadalajara circuit after the arduous task of getting through Mexican bureaucracy and the organisational difficulties posed by such a trip.

The team arrived at the track last Wednesday and took advantage of the time available to get acclimatized to both the altitude and the suffocating Mexican heat. Saturday was marked by the riders’ refusal to take part in the qualifying race, after they deemed the track to be too dangerous due to the dust.

As a result of the firm stance held by almost all of the riders, the starting order of Sunday’s races was determined by the overall standings in the championship thus far. Alessandro Lupino went into the race hoping to finish well, in spite the treacherous conditions of the track (after the amount of water that had been sprinkled during the night) offering little promise.

As the first race got underway, Alessandro headed off amid the main cluster of riders and immediately set about pushing towards the first ten, finishing the race in eleventh position.

He got off to a decidedly better start in the second race, but a few curves in was forced to slow down when a rock jammed itself into the front wheel and caused him to lose valuable time. Nevertheless, Lupino was able to pull back many positions, repeating the result of the first race, and thus gaining a tenth overall place on the day.

After the current round, Alessandro moves up two places to enter the top ten in the overall championship standings in ninth place. Next stop for the championship’s travelling show will be Brazil where the fifth round of the 2012 takes place at the Beto Carrero circuit next weekend.

Alex Lupino: “I’m glad to bring some valuable points back home especially here from Mexico on such a difficult, dangerous and dusty track. I’d have done even better if I hadn’t started so badly in the first race, and if I hadn’t had that problem with the rock getting stuck in the front wheel, making me lose valuable time. I’m now ninth in the world championship and I hope to continue with that consistency. “

MX2 World Championship standings after four rounds: 1. Herlings (KTM) 194, 2. Van Horebeek (KTM) 154, 3.Searle (Kawasaki) 153, 4.Roelants (Kawasaki) 118, 5.Tixier (KTM) 108, 6. Anstie (Honda) 105, 7. Nicholls (KTM) 105, 8.Ferrandis (Kawasaki) 91, 9. Lupino (Husqvarna) 80.


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