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Twisted 7 weekend report

Twisted 7 weekend report

Lewis Lloyd

It’s a long way to hell and back, especially in one weekend!

Okay, okay so we haven’t been to hell. We’ve been racing and there’s far worse things to do than that on a weekend but as far racing MX goes, we’ve certainly had better ones. I’ve been on this spinning stone long enough to know that life flows with it’s peaks and troughs no matter how hard you try to direct the flow and right now we’re in a bit of trough.

It was just Lewis and Harry racing this weekend and they both travelled far from home for a completely crappy weekend! Little H was off to his first international event, the junior World Championship at Cingoli, Italy. On paper it looked promising, a hard pack track with big jumps, right up Harry’s street, unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way and that street was more of a cul-de-sac. He slid off whilst comfortably in a qualifying position in his heat race. That meant he had to go to the last chance race and that was over for him after he went down with a group of riders on the first lap. I feel gutted for H because I know he has the talent to be in the mix in a race like that and certainly on a track like that. The positive is he’s tasted the big time and he knows he wants more and another shot at it, so we’ll all use that as motivation to be back there next year for a bit of redemption.

Meanwhile at Duns, Scotland Lew was going through a bit of a personal hell at the Maxxis British Championship. On a very technical, rutted track, you know, like motocross used to be like! :-), he once again suffered with arm pump in qualifying and it set the tone for the weekend. Although he got brilliant starts from the outside of the gate he just rode tense and stiff all weekend and couldn’t seem to relax and ride like he, I and the rest of the team knows he can. The first moto he dropped back from a good start with his arms continuing to pump up to finish just outside the points in 22nd and it got worse from there. The next moto he got another great start and was in the mix but threw it away in a flowing rutted corner (which you may well see on Mikey Neale’s Moto video later this week!) and then he just couldn’t get the bike started. The final moto was….. well, virtually identical to the previous one, certainly the same result. Another DNF.

We had a 8 hours to kill on the long drive home so we had a good chat and set to work on getting Lewis’ head around professional racing. It was quite an intense, deep conversation, almost like he should be lying down on a couch but it was a conversation that was definitely required. There’s no question he has the talent, you’ve only got to watch the DC video on this website to see that, we’ve just got to find out how to make him relax at the races. It’s his first year as a pro and I’m sure he’ll take so much from it and get his head round what he has to do on race day. We have a few races left so we’re hoping it starts to click into place and he finished on a positive note before we go away to work hard in the off season with him knowing what to expect for 2012.

Next up for the whole team is the Red Bull Pro Nationals and Elite Youth Cup at Hawkstone where we’ll be joined by the Kawasaki GP stars in a big ‘Team Green’ village, so we’re looking forward to that. Before then we’re off to the British GP to put the team bikes on display and hang out with Tommy, Max and the rest of the Kawasaki family. It’ll be great, especially for the lads to see what it’s all about up close and personal. After all it’s our aim to set them on that path and give them the foundation to be out there just like Searle and Anstie one day.

Thanks to you all for supporting us, through good and bad times!


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