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Top Tips by Justin Morris – How to try and stay safe throughout the season

Top Tips by Justin Morris – How to try and stay safe throughout the season

With so many pro riders getting hurt during this season such as Reed, Tonus, Osborne, Canard, Stewart, Townley Dungey and most recently Villopoto, we ask ourselves what is the reason for all of this?

Well most of all these injuries are due to these guys going so fast that the slightest mistake
can be disastrous, they are so accurate with their riding that to the average person it looks
like they would never crash.

Sorry to say but even these guys are human and they make mistakes.

Why the mistakes? Well the list is as long as your arm, the tracks, the bikes are
faster, fitness, concentration, suspension set up and the list goes on.

So how how can the average rider go through the season injury free OR injury free as possible?

First thing I would say is that today’s standard bikes are pretty damn quick straight out of the crate, which means riders are going faster and the tracks are getting rougher.

So…my advice would be to get yourself into the best physical and mental shape possible. That goes down to even
you junior riders just starting out.

Circuit training, running, cycling are all great for motocross. You spend a lot of money on your bikes
and kit and if you hurt yourself due to being unfit then all that money is just sat in your garage for
weeks without being used.

When you go out practising try to do moto’s, what I mean by that is if your race is 12mins
long then practise for 15mins at race pace, if you have three races during the day then try to ride at
least three moto’s during your practise day. So many times I go to a practice track and I
see riders do 2-3 laps then stop for 10mins, then they complain that they are tired on race
day or even worse they crashed on the last race and hurt themselves.

It always seems the way that people hurt themselves on the last race when the energy
and concentration levels are at their lowest due to fitness or and bad diet during the day.

Diet is very important when doing any exercise sport supplements are also well advised there are lots on the market by I would recommend Ryno Power – Roczen, Wilson, Searle, Musquin and Reed all use it but always do your research and choose what is best for you.

Suspension and engine set up can also really help you gain confidence with your bike and make your weekend safer and more fun.

Yes I know I’m a MX coach but I do believe having motocross lessons will make you faster and more importantly to ride safely. We all spend a lot of money on the bike but not much on how to ride it better and safer.

Hope all this puts you in a better and safer place on and off the track

Stay safe and go steady.


For more information of Justin and his training please visit his site HERE


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