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TOP TENS - Your choice OF VENUE for the 2008 British GP

TOP TENS - Your choice OF VENUE for the 2008 British GP

With the rumours rife about next years GP back at Foxhill, we decided to do our own survey and see which track the paying punters would like to see host the British Grand Prix.

We included ten different locations which included a track or venue which has been mentioned in conversation and that’s Celtic Manor which is just off the M4 in Wales.

The other nine are all established facilities up and down the country – so here goes the top ten favourite tracks which you would like to see host the 2008 British GP.

1/ LANDRAKE in Cornwall 46%

2/ Matterley Basin near Winchester 17%

3/ Foxhill near Swindon 16%

4/ Gore Basin on the IOW 10%

5/ Matchams in Ringwood 6%

6/ Donington Park 3%

7/ Silverstone 1%

7/ Brookthorpe in Gloucester 1%

8/ Whitby in Yorkshire 0%

8/ Celtic Manor in Wales 0%

So there you have it – the survey was done with 140 members of our Facebook group and the link was also put onto the MOTO forum so the voting was spread right across the board from all areas of the sport.


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