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Tommy Searle King of the GP pit stops

Tommy Searle King of the GP pit stops

Amy's boots are ruined - gutted

Certainly a race to remember for lots of reasons one being the dominance of both moto’s by Tommy Searle, even with a cheeky little pit stop to change gloves and the track in appalling condition due to the torrential rain, Tommy looked a winner all day long.

“I’m not the best mud rider, but I knew I needed good starts and to ride smart. I took the lead quickly in both races and concentrated on not making mistakes and keeping my goggles free of mud when I came up behind lappers. I slipped off once in the first race and my gloves were covered in mud but it was easy to retake the lead after I stopped for fresh gloves. The result today means I have halved the points gap to the series leader and makes up for my bad luck in Italy.”

Is Tommy the only rider in GP’s to win a race after pitting halfway? Let us know if you know of anyone else.

Image Sarah Gutierrez


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