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Tommy Searle still angry about the Herlings crash

Tommy Searle still angry about the Herlings crash

We’ve all watched the videos of the crash in Fermo, a few have sided with Herlings and said it was a racing accident and even Tommy’s fault but a whole lot more are joining the side of the Kawasaki rider who is still a little bit pissed off with the incident on Sunday in Italy.

Tommy Searle: “I feel that I’m in the best shape I have ever been in my life, and our results yesterday proved how good our Kawasaki is. We had some really bad luck today. In the first race someone hit me in the second corner; the radiator and the pipe were smashed and the front disc bent but I still had hopes of coming through to second until the radiator was completely empty and the bike inevitably stopped. I got another good start in race two, but Herlings came over so hard on me and hit my front wheel; there was nothing I could do about it and many riders crashed into me. His action was stupid and dangerous. I came from dead last to second and nearly caught the winner even though I could hardly see anymore because my goggles were filled in.”


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