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Tommy Searle admits its going to be difficult to win title

Tommy Searle admits its going to be difficult to win title

Yet another weekend of bad luck for the gritty Brit. Both races and a retirement in qualifying saw Tommy fighting back to top 3 positions after crashes in both moto’s.

With 5 GP’s still remaining and still 250 points up for grabs nothing is set in stone as yet and we’re sure Tommy and his team will give 100% in their fight for the world championship title.

“My chances of winning the GP disappeared yesterday when another rider crashed right in front of me during the qualifying race. I turned to miss him but the radiator was damaged by his handlebars so I had the outside gate for the GP and it was impossible to get a start in the top 20 from there. I used a lot of energy to come through to third in the first moto and the first two were too far ahead to catch, but as usual I was even stronger in the second race. Another rider lost control at turn two and we crashed together, so I was completely last, but I never stopped fighting and took second place with a coupler of laps to go. It’s hard to accept the bad luck I have had this year, but I will keep fighting for the title even though it will now be difficult.”

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