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Team Green @ British Youth Motocross Championship

Team Green @ British Youth Motocross Championship

The full Team Green youth squad crossed the water to the first round of the British
Youth Motocross championship at the awesome Desertmartin track near Cookstown
Northern Ireland.

In qualifying the track was a little too well prepared for our riders and the smooth
surface gave pretty close lap times throughout the field, but when the racing
started the track was getting cut up enough to allow the top riders to stand out and
show their skill above the other riders!

12 year old Connor Walkley took to the line on his KX85 big wheel against some
much older and experienced competition, 2007 is going to be tough for Connor
being so young, but he will be the last to give up without a doubt. Day one saw
Connor struggle out of the gate in both races and push hard to end up with a 7
place. After several minor changes to the bike, day two saw Connor at the sharp
end first lap of the two races, charging hard he finished with two fine 4
Connor is currently 4
overall in the championship, a very promising result. ‘Every
time I get away with the fast riders I learn alot from them, I’m sure I can run with
them after a round or so no problem’. said Connor.

Scot James has made the move onto the 125 machine at the end of the 2006 season
and has been fast from the start. Race one saw Scot come through to 2
place, race
two saw Scot take his first championship win on a big bike and the lead of the
championship. Day two saw the best start of the weekend for Scot, getting away
with the lead riders, unfortunately they went down and Scot hit a crashed bike at
full speed, it was a massive crash. It took a while for Scot to gather himself up
again to try to salvage as many points as possible, 22
place and an injured hand
was the final result. The final race saw Scot take to the gate with a strapped up
hand trying to minimise his points gap to the championship leader, a 4
place and
overall in the championship, only 23 points off the lead was the final result. ‘I’m
gutted about losing the points in the third race but am confident I can get them
back in the next few races.’ said Scot.

The premier class was going to be a close run event with a number of good riders
entered, Josh Waterman and Lewis King are flying the flag for Team Green on the
KX250F machines. Day one saw Josh suffer in the starts and struggle to get
through the pack of both races, a couple of crashes saw him finish in 13
and 22
, a
day he will probably want to forget. Lewis came out in his normal fashion, flat out!
a win and a 3
place left him leading the championship. Day two and both riders
were on the pace, Josh rode to 6
place in race three and Lewis took a 2
. The final
race saw little luck go the way of the Team Green riders. Lewis started from the pit
area after the gate had dropped and then on the first lap both riders got involved in
a multiple pile up which left them both last, charging hard through the field the final
result was a 13
for Josh and 15
for Lewis, this had dropped Lewis to 2
overall in
the championship. ‘I am very angry about the last race but I have still come away
with good points and it’s the last round where I need to have the lead, not the first’.
said Lewis.

Round two to be held at Culham near Oxford.


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