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Talent runs in the Banks-Browne family

Talent runs in the Banks-Browne family

EBB is not the only talented member of the Banks family. Olivia, Elliott’s 21 year old cousin has her sights set on a singing career, certainly something which is a far cry from world or British championship motocross.

Excitingly talented twenty one year old singer song/writer Lola James (thats her stage name) is influenced by Beyonce, Adele, Mariah Carey, Amy Winehouse and most recently Jessie J, Lola takes a little piece from each artist to create her own sound that is totally unique from many other soloists around and creates it into a sound that represents Lola’s personality, loud, and fun but but also incaptuating her sensitive side.

Lola has been singing since she was 9 years old and is classically trained to grade 8, she knew early on though that this wasn’t the style of music that she enjoyed but it gave her an amazing foundation to build on. Lola started writing her own music and taking it even more so seriously when she was about 17 and finally knew what kind of direction she wanted her music to go in.

At 18 Lola made it to the finals of open mic UK. It was an amazing experience and it’s something that cemented her singing career on the road. This was where Baby Girl Music discovered the talented singer and the ball began to roll. She has recently had the amazing opportunity to write with Simon Ellis a Brit award winning writer who has worked for the likes of Kylie, S Club 7, Britney Spears and Jamelia and most recently was the musical director of the Britney ‘Circus Tour’ and The Spice Girls reunion Tour.

A soloist that focuses on writing exceptional songs, connecting with her fans and creating rememberable live performances. Through attention to detail, from the production of her music, the live show and stage presence Lola certainly is an outstanding artist that stands out from the rest. I’m sure once you hear the first song from Lola you will most certainly be impressed.

Good work Lola.

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