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CJMX 4th Club Championships Qualifier took place at Stratford, Over 200 riders attended. The track was in great condition, it had been watered well on such a hot day practice was muddy but throughout the day the track was superb for all races of the day. 

The first race out were the open class Matt Porter rode extremely well in all three races and managed to get himself 1-2-1 finnishing first overall followed closely by Shaun Cole in second place with Jamie Wilson taking third. Dan Thornhill yet again dominated with getting three superb wins ahead of Alex Meadows who battled with dan in all three races in second. Daryl Simms took the last spot on podium for the AMX. Full Flight Kestrel Honda Rider Daniel Neale rode really well on his way to a maximum with first overall ahead of Oli Benton who battled his way to second, with Mitch Warhurst scraping third overall in the big wheels. 

Harry Wichman and Harry Linton in the small wheels both rode consistant throughout the three races battling for first overall, Harry Wichman took 2 out of the 3 wins with Harry Linton grabbing one win but with two wins and a second Wichman got himself top spot on podium with Linton getting second, Adam Hill got himself the holeshot in the second race winning himself the prize and he managed to get third overall. Tom Kennedy helped himself to the overall win in the seniors ahead of Matt Harrison who managed to get the holeshot in race 2 and went home with the prize and second place on the podium.

Simon Booth ended the day with third overall. in the juniors Adam Collings took the overall win, Also winning the holeshot prize in race two ahead of PVL RACING team rider Harrison Arnold in second with Kyle Jones in third. Junior Rider Ben White got chose by cjmx to get the rider of the meeting award – Well Done Ben! Colins next choice was Harry Wichman in the small wheels who rode superb. Harrison McCann had a cracking start in race two getting the holeshot, he also battled his way up to top spot with Jordan Gould who secured second. Ashton Humphries rode consistant with finnishing the day with third spot on podium.

CJMX would like to wish a speedy recovery to Dean Hakes who crashed heavily on sunday!
speaking on behalf of everyone would like to thank Colin & Julie and the rest of the CJMX for another superb meeting!

Next Meeting is a 2dayer at Wymeswold 14th/15th April which is a Open 5th Qualifier.
Autos: 1 Harrison McCann, 2 Jordan Gould, 3 Ashton Humphries, 4 Harrion Boam, 5 Leon Collier, 6 Lewis Roden.
Juniors: 1 Adam Collings, 2 Harrison Arnold, 3 Kyle Jones, 4 Aaron Patstone, 5 Lee Percy, 6 Jacob Russell.
Small Wheels: 1 Harry Wichman, 2 Harry Linton, 3 Adam Hill, 4 Callum Green, 5 Matt Brame, 6 Javotn Wooloft.
Big Wheels: 1 Daniel Neale, 2 Oli Benton, 3 Mitch Warhurst, 4 Joe Tobutt, 5 Connor Hallgam, 6 Reece Wain.
Seniors: 1 Tom Kennedy, 2 Matt Harrison, 3 Simon Booth, 4 Brody Knibbs, 5 Gareth Artus, 6 George Wright.
AMX: 1 Dan Thornhill, 2 Alex Meadows, 3 Daryl Simms, 4 Carl Hayward, 5 Jake Lord, 6 Chuck Davies.
Open: 1 Matt Porter, 2 Shaun Cole, 3 Jamie Wilson, 4 Brad Doyle, 5 Adam Hayward, 6 Ashley Dabell.


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