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Stratford Upon Avon 2-dayer & Phil Goodwin Memorial

Stratford Upon Avon 2-dayer & Phil Goodwin Memorial

After a mild night the paddock awoke to find the track fully graded and watered ready for day one of the Coventry Junior Motocross Club’s two day event at Stratford. As always the track was a little hard work during practice, but as it bedded in and rutted up it provided a great surface for racing.

First to hit the track were the AMX and from the off Harry Brookes showed his intent battling well to keep Scott Hambridge and Jake Lord at bay. Borrowing a bike in race one proved a costly mistake for Ricky Lethaby, not only ruining his chances of three wins on the day but he managed to break the bike in the process! Second race saw Ricky on his own bike and back on winning form. With Harry Brookes pushing Scott Hambridge into third. The final race saw Ricky putting down the style on what sounded like a super-charged machine. However, even mechanical issues could not stop him from taking the win, with Harry keeping him on his toes in second and Jake pushing hard to take a well-deserved third.

Next out were the Open class and Brad O’Leary showed the youngsters how to put it down with both the holeshots and race wins. O’leary was on form all weekend proving MX is still in his blood even though he is now racing on the black stuff.
Scott Hubbard was on form and put down a solid ride all day bringing home three second places. Kris Ayres gave his gorgeous 2-stroke a good outing to gain a third in the first race and continued the consistency to bring home a third overall on the day.

Seniors next and Jack Gardner and Thomas Kennedy were at it from the drop of the first gate until the wave of the last lap flag in all three outings. Jack took the first two race wins with Thomas challenging hard to gain the last win of the day. The only person to really challenge these two was Danny Lanfear who was going well all day until an unfortunate crash on the last lap of the last race put an end to his days racing. We all wish you a speedy recovery Danny and hope you come and ride with us again soon.

On to the Juniors and Jack Wankling was on super form putting down three great holeshots and race wins. Harrison Arnold was on form in race one and brought home a good second place, with Joe Butter battling hard to take the third place ahead of Kieran Ryan. Second race and Aaron Patstone was back with a vengeance gaining second from Kyle Jones, after Jack Wankling disappeared into the distance. The final race saw Jack again take the win followed by Aaron in second with Kyeron Billing bringing home a great ride to take a third place win.

Bryn Brookes and Harrison McCann had their own little battle at the front of the Auto Class all day. Both gave their all with Bryn coming out on top with two wins and a second. Harrison took the second race win and was on Bryn’s tail all day but could not make that vital that pass. Third and fourth places were equally well fought for, with Jack Ryan and Callum Baldwin riding hard and strong all day. Callum took third in the first race with Jack coming back strong to take the last two.

Over to the Small Wheel 85s and JC Verdugo proved to be the quickest out the gate taking the holeshot and first race win, following it up with two good second places on the day. Not to be out done on points or riding however was Archie Hicks on his beautifully turned out TM, who after taking a third in the first race came out with all guns blazing to take the last two wins. Cameron McCann showed some lovely style to take a second, third and fifth on the day.

Last out on the day were the Big Wheel 85s and Tyrone Cleaver was on a mission from the word go. What a pleasure to watch a youngster with such talent, not only did he take all three wins, but some of his lines were so precise he made it look like the track was smooth. Dylan Hodgkins did himself proud by leading the rest of the pack home all day, taking all three second place wins. Lewis Dowdeswell took third all day with a great show of consistency. Coventry rider Dion Hunt had a rollercoaster of a day – blowing his gearbox in race one would have meant game over if it wasn’t for the kindness of fellow club rider Callum McCann who after finishing his race pushed his bike through the paddock to give it to Dion on the line so he ride the final race of the day and gain some valuable points. Nice one Cam!

Day two
The second day of Coventry Junior Motocross Club’s two day event at Stratford was also the final round of the club championships. The track was little slippy to begin with but soon dried out and continued to improve all day to make a great day of racing, with the riders taking the opportunity to grab those all important points. Again awards were given to the winner of the second race hole-shot.

Out first were the AMX and it was the same four riders from Saturday’s racing battling it out for the top 3; Ricky Lethaby, Harry Brookes, Jake Lord and Scott Hambridge. Ricky started the days racing in the same style he finished Saturday with, taking the race win. Jake also adapted quickly to the conditions as he had a great race in second, ahead of Scott in third.

The second race and Scott took the hole-shot but it was Harry who battled his way through to take a brilliant race win, holding off Ricky in second and Scott having another good ride in third. The final race saw Ricky again ride superbly to take the race win, with Harry keeping him on his toes in second and Jake pushing himself back into the top three with third. Overall for the weekend Harry took the win, Jake came second, Scott third with Ricky fourth.

The Open class were second on track and Brad O’Leary remained unbeatable as he took all three race wins and also the second race hole-shot prize. Scott Hubbard was also on a roll as he also repeated his day 1 results with three more second places. Stewart Coley picked up his day 1 pace with two third place finishes in races one and two, however Brad Doyle decided to get in on the action with the third place in the final race. Overall Brad took the win, Scott second and Stuart third.

Seniors now and Jack Gardner and Thomas Kennedy continued with their Saturday battles for the three races. Jack took the initial race win and the hole-shot for race two but Thomas fought back with the second and third race wins. This left the duo on joint points, and with the final race win it was Thomas who took the overall with Jack second. George Wright was also on fine form for day 2 as he took consistent third places, earning himself third overall.

The Juniors were out next and Jack Wankling was another unbeatable rider as he took yet another three great race wins, plus the second race hole-shot prize. Race one and Aaron Patstone was continuing to ride well with a second place finish ahead of Kyle Jones, who had a brilliant ride to take third. Race two and again Aaron battled his way into second, this time with Kieran Ryan chasing him down in third. The final race saw Dylan Woodall have a fantastic ride to take second place, with Aaron still battling in third. Overall Jack took the win, Aaron in second with consistency paying off doe Joe Butter in third.

Bryn Brookes had a flawless day of riding as he took three well earned race wins for the Auto Class. Harrison McCann fought hard though as he took three great second place finishes and also the second race hole-shot prize. It was consistency all round for the Autos on day 2 as James Smith rode well to come in third in all three races. Overall Bryn took the win, Harrison second and Callum Baldwin’s excellent riding on both days earned him third overall.

The penultimate group out were the Small Wheel 85s and Callum Green proved to be a potential Championship competitor for next year, taking the race win in only his second race day in the class. Ben Kind was also on good form as he took second place with JC Verdugo third. Race two Callum took the hole-shot but it was Matt Brame who had a fantastic ride to take the race win, with Callum holding onto second place ahead of JC in third. The final race now and Ben flew round the track to grab himself the race win. JC also had a last race boost of speed as he followed through in second, with Callum ending his day well with third. Overall for the two days it was JC who took the win and consistent good riding meant Archie Hicks and Cameron McCann took second and third respectively.

Last but not least were the Big Wheel 85s and Tyrone Cleaver had yet another awesome day of riding with three more race wins plus the second race hole-shot prize. Lewis Dowdeswell had a brilliant start to the day with second place, ahead of Mitchell Warhurst, who had a great ride in third. Race two and Dylan Hodgkins was back on his day 1 form as he rode hard to take second place ahead of Lewis in third. The final race saw Lewis fight back to take another second position, this time with Jack Biddle breaking into the top three in third place. Overall Tyrone took the win, Lewis second and yet again it was consistency that paid off for Joe Tobutt who took third.

The racing has been great all year and the Club has worked so hard to make it that way. A big thank you to those who have helped throughout the year, especially to the committee, without them none of this would be possible.
Overall Results

1. Harry Brookes
2. Jake Lord
3. Scott Hambridge
4. Ricky Lethaby
5. Nathan Buckland
6. Matthew Lavender

1. Brad O’Leary
2. Scott Hubbard
3. Stuart Coley
4. Brad Doyle
5. Paul Longford
6. Ben Burns

1. Thomas Kennedy
2. Jack Gardner
3. George Wright
4. Luke Westerman
5. Daniel Britton
6. Danny O’Callaghan

1. Jack Wankling
2. Aaron Patstone
3. Joe Butter
4. Kieran Ryan
5. Harrison Arnold
6. Kyle Jones

1. Bryn Brookes
2. Harrison McCann
3. Callum Baldwin
4. Jack Ryan
5. Ben Pratt
6. Jack Parker

Small Wheel 85s:
1. JC Verdugo
2. Archie Hicks
3. Cameron McCann
4. Zac Clarke
5. Lewis Huckerby
6. Daniel Van Der Hoeven

Big Wheel 85s:
1. Tyrone Cleaver
2. Lewis Dowdeswell
3. Joe Tobutt
4. Mitchell Warhurst
5. Connor Halligan
6. Dylan Hodgkins

Write-up by Sarah Collins
Photos by Jemma MX Photos


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