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No Stopping Cundle - East Kent SSC report

No Stopping Cundle - East Kent SSC report

Lamberhurst had the privilege of hosting an exceptional days racing, as the East Kent SSC held round 7 of their Summer Championships and final qualifier for the BSMA Semis. So with this in mind those remaining vital points were up for grabs and anyone’s for the taking! The riders were going to have to stay focused throughout and with the adrenalin pumping once again they were ready to hit the dirt!!

Ike Carter in the Autos

The Big Wheels were out first with Joe Borrett off to a cracking start as he took the early lead until he fell on a bend two laps in leaving the door wide open for both Austin (Ozzy) Eary, Ollie Osminton and Connor Dennis to battle it out between them. Ollie powered through to take the lead in the first two blocks with Ozzy second and Connor third. In the remaining block, Connor powered past the chequered flag with Joe Borrett second and Ozzy third.

The Small Wheels were next and it was going be tough out there as Lewis vs. Wilkie kicked off again. The boys gave it their all as they pushed each other for the moto. Mitchell Lewis took the win in races one and two with Albie Wilkie in second and in race three the positions swopped as Albie took it with Mitchell in second. Jak Baldwin was consistent in all three blocks and rode himself to a well-deserved third overall.

In the junior group the riders applied the gas once again to pull away from the gates at an astounding pace. Gary Ashley led the way to take the win in the first two blocks with visitor Archie Osminton riding superbly taking second with Perry Galloway in third. Perry got his way in the third block as he took the win with Ashley on his tail in second and Reagan Brooks in third.

AMX group powering their way off the start

Now in the Autos Ike Carter did it again in style as he continues to dominate the group taking the win in all three blocks to give him the overall moto. Powering through behind in all three in second came Kayden Algar who is not giving in and just sheer determination is keeping him going. You’re so close Kayden! Third overall was still up for grabs as Billy Carter and Rhys Cooper battled it out between them as Billy took it in races one and two with the remaining third block going to Rhys.

The battle for the places was intense in the next three groups with the Seniors out off the start gate first with Shaun Springer riding back at the club and doing what he does best as he took the moto overall after his three straight wins. It was great to see Lewis Dowsett challenging Springer though giving him a second place finish in each block for second overall. What a close call for Ryan fellows and John Eaton for third overall as both rode superbly, but Ryan was to claim the position with John in overall fourth.

Next in the Amx group the lads still continue to entertain the spectators with the battle of the places amongst the front riders. Arron Jenner and Rowan Hill were firing on all cylinders as they pulled away from the rest of the group. It was Arron that took the first two blocks with Rowan and Jamie Austin-Carter taking one a piece for second and in race three Rowan took the win with Arron this time in second. Piers Skinner kept his pace going to take third in all three blocks to finish in the overall top three.

Finally Joe Cundle ruled the Open group as he powered away with the overall victory in style. The battle for second place was interesting as Craig Bliss and visitor, young Chris Chapman battling hard for second overall resulting in Craig taking it with Toby Hobb in third after keeping Matt Hornby at bay in fourth overall.

Lastly, GOOD LUCK to all the riders as they wait to see if they have made the BSMA semis (June 12th at Staplehurst) and also best wishes to those that were injured to a speedy recovery and a quick return to racing too.

Open – 1 Joe Cundle, 2 Craig Bliss, 3 Toby Hobb, 4 Matt Hornby, 5 Dean Read, 6 Ben Crane
Amx – 1 Arron Jenner, 2 Rowan Hill, 3 Piers Skinner, 4 Jamie Austin-Carter, 5 Brian Carter, 6 Dave Capper
Senior – 1 Shaun Springer, 2 Lewis Dowsett, 3 Ryan Fellows, 4 John Eaton, 5 Jack Norman, 6 John Waghorne
Auto – 1 Ike Carter, 2 Kayden Algar, 3 Billy Carter, 4 Rhys Cooper, 5 Lenny Ashley, 6 Alfie Card
Junior – 1 Gary Ashley, 2 Perry Galloway, 3 Reagan Brooks, 4 Ashley Surridge, 5 Bradley Smith, 6 Jack Nixon
SW – 1 Mitchell Lewis, 2 Albie Wilkie, 3 Jak Baldwin, 4 Nathan Turner-Whittle, 5 Ethan Winchester, 6 Tom Borrett
BW – 1 Connor Dennis, 2 Austin Eary, 3 Joe Borrett, 4 George Bennett, 5 Levi May, 6 Jimmy Moore


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