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Stewart and Reed clash at Phoenix Supercross

Stewart and Reed clash at Phoenix Supercross


Seems like the heat has been turned up to boiling point at the second round of the Monster Energy Supercross at Phoenix.

Dungey won the race but we’ll talk about that later on the site as the big news seems to be the clash with James Stewart and Chad Reed. Stewart crashed in his heat race and found himself in the LCQ which he subsequently won but come the final he didn’t have the best gate start and ended up mid pack on the first lap, same can be said for Reed who didn’t really have great start himself but by lap five they were racing against each other which is always a good thing for the fans to see but both riders clashed and both went down.

Stewart went on to finish the race in 15th but Reed DNF’ed for the second week running and news is he has a suspected broken hand.

Reports coming through to the MOTO office is James Stewart allegedly went to Reed’s truck and wanted words and pushed his bike off the stand and then was escorted away by security, could this mean a points deduction or fine for the Yamaha rider? Sounds like it was fun in Phoenix for sure and expect more on this as the day unfolds.

  1. szabo323

    chad reed needs his **** *****. bad.

    (Editor – Just to let you no Cristina? we do not allow comments like the one you have posted on our site to be honest it is quite appalling that you’ve had those thoughts. Please feel free to comment appropriately in the future – MOTO)

  2. ktmkid

    Reed is a baby!!! if he can’t win than he is the biggest pile of crap on the track. His fans love him but even they know he is a baby. I bet he packs his bags and goes home like the baby he is.

  3. Reed HATER !

    Does Reed run into anyone besides Stewart doesn’t seem so does it.
    Stewart needs to pound chad, enough is enough how long will he let it go on
    one good shot or one good running into should do. The only problem with James running into Reed is that he’s always in front of him so hopefully Chads hand is f***ed and his season will be done.

  4. Coolman

    Did anyone actually watch this race! Reed did not run into Stewart. Reed was on the brakes when Stewart came off the turn and ran into him. They both need to get off their high horse and start racing. Their drama is getting old.

  5. STFU

    Were all of you born retarded? Or did you get it from sucking your James Stewart life-like dildo? Stewart passes like that every week in every race, so it’s about time he had it thrown back at him. Didn’t he also land on Carmichael during a race one time? Sounds like karma, so stop whining…

  6. moto492

    i agree with coolman…reed was on the inside and braking for the turn..stewart turned down from up top and came down onto reed…by the time reed was coming into the turn, stewart was already turned and on the gas….not reeds fault. and stewarts crash in heat 1 was his fault…he scrubbed under partridge and even looked at him as he was crossing his line… dumb move…but hey, that’s racing.

  7. HA!!!

    hahahaha stewart should just let his gangster side come out and whoop some aussie @ss. Reed has never been #1. Its gotta suck being second fastest rider in the world. he needs to stop crying dammmmmm

  8. speedy

    STFU and Coolman must be NASCAR fans, because they obviously have never riddin a dirtbike much less on an actual track!!! The line reed was taking was at best going to be a serious block pass, but wait, he’s too slow in the woops to actually make it so instead he just aimed straight for james and took him out. James was turning down the face early like you’re supposed to do when you’ve got someone in front of you that needs passing. If you don’t know how to ride or what’s involved maybe you should keep your mouth shut until you learn.

    I hope James Sr. goes and pays a visit to Reed.

  9. atvmaster

    Reed is washed up. He needs to go back to Austrailia.Stewart needs to nock his blocked off and do some serious damage.I would make Reed think twice before he ever rode next to me again.I would’nt care if AMA fined me or not. I would make my point, and Reed’s panzy ass would think I was syco.Somtimes that’s what is takes to nip things in the bud.If he had done that the first time they had bad blood this drama would’nt still be going on. Oh and how quickly we forget the last race of 09 when Reed tried to take Stewart out intentionally in Vegas.Reed’s a sore loser plain and simple.

  10. brob


  11. iloveracing

    this is some serious bull shit!!! stewart needs to show reed whos boss. and its obvioulsy not reed bc he is too much of a wimp to ride with a possibly broken hand, but there goes stewart with multiple contusions/bruises to the shoulder, ribs, arm, and forearm. i mean why can stewart ride with so many more injuries and still do good and reed can’t even finish a race with a hurt hand.. kawi must be so PROUD!!!!!

  12. mototim

    I don’t know what you guys were watching. James “The Squirt” Stewart cut across the face of the jump so hard he cut off Hinson then landed under Partridge. Hinson had to slow the entire field behind him to avoid Stewart. Then as Stewart was crashing into Reed he grabbed Reed’s left arm and pulled him off the bike. Check your DVRs! This was no accident! It takes a lot of talent to be going down and to have the forethought to reach out and grab your opponent!

  13. mototim

    Stewart should be banned from the AMA for consistent dangerous racing.

  14. MontanaMoto

    The issue with Reed as I see it is he his not Champion material. His riding style and decisions on the track are ill advised at best. The “pass” he attempted on James in LV last year was clearly to cause harm. Simply running James off the track wouldn’t have (and didn’t) helped him in any way. He needed him down and out for the rest of the race. The “pass” in PHX wasn’t going to happen cleanly any way you look at it. So again, what are his motives? Does he misjudge things that badly and consistently? Is he trying to be an irritant? Or is he trying to cause harm. James bothered a bit doesn’t really serve his purposes. Anyway you look at it he isn’t riding like a champion and trying to preserve points and stay healthy. James certainly has his own issues and isn’t riding like a champion either. James’ just needs to settle down and mellow out. You can’t win the race on the first lap.

  15. stewartisbetterthanreed

    moto tim… you are an idiot. I just wanted to let you know that. Reed got angry because he was passed by an injured Stewart. Therefor he decides to take him out in the corner and give him a shove as he was getting up.. Reed needs to grow up, hes a good rider but F**k what a bunch of bull sh*t

  16. stewartisbetterthanreed

    You wouldnt grab on to the guy that just smashed into you? if not, your a puss bag

  17. brady670

    you guys are dumb your going to call chad reed a pussy and baby,,did you watch the the race reed didnt mean to hit him and if you have actually watched races in the past reed and the goat were the only ones to go balls out with go ahead call him all the stupid shit but he really isnt..if half of you have ever been in that situation you would know you dont know whats going through there heads so fuck you guys!!

  18. Ron

    The term for this kind of turn that Reed threw is a Cock Block. No other rider turned inside on that turn except Reed. As fast as Stewart rides, Reed should be thankful that Stewart did not run into him or we would hear the collison in Ohio. The only mistake Stewart made is to let reed ride near him. Stewart needs to learn to take the trash out the night before.

  19. Ron

    Hey Moto Tim! Keep racing your pink TriCycle. If you ever raced fast, you would know that you have less control at high speeds. That is why they have speed limits on the street. Keep your skirt up and your g clean!

  20. Sharpy

    Ha!! your dreaming mate what gangster side… HA HA…. Stewart was home schooled and brought up on a farm riding dirt bikes all his life. You yanks need to get your heads out of Stewarts arse and look around at the new Champ and that is Ryan Dungey…Wiz Kid.Stewart and Reed should drop the Ego’s and get back to racing…

  21. crf450

    Im selling my kids kawasaki and will never own another one, good bikes, i just cant stand to own somthing made by somone dumb enough to sign this jack@ss. stewart isnt much better as far as attittude which seems to be the problem with both of them you just dont notice it as much because hes allways in front. this is how it goes in the big time though they get whatever they want for nothin big spoiled brats i think sponsors should be allot more interestedd in personality than what they are after all reeds attitude got kawasaki out of garage for good!!!!

  22. Mike

    No kidding did anyone actually watch this race. Buy a DVR. That crash was clearly not Reeds fault. Even the announcers agree. Someone said no one else went low in the corner. Well no one else knife edged it like Bubba either and cut from the top to bottom because that tight of a move would scrub to much speed. Bubba was trying to pass anyone there. Bubba was clearly trying to keep Reed from passing. After all that is the goal right? Just not at the expense of taking both bikes out. I watched both crashes repeatedly in slow mo and sorry ppl. They were both caused by Bubba.

  23. Dirty's448

    You people(stewart fans) make me sick! He is a out of control rider with no regard for anyone else on the track. His style of riding is going to hurt other riders and hopefully lead to exit out of the sport.

  24. PhilYZ426F

    How many DNFs before sponsors look for another rider?


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