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Stephen Sword will race this years Patchquick Trophy

Stephen Sword will race this years Patchquick Trophy

With just over four weeks to go before the 66th running of the prestigious Patchquick Trophy evening motocross event on Wednesday July 11th.

Entries are now starting to come in with the latest entry from likeable Scotsman Stephen Sword on the Tyco Suzuki who has competed many times at this event, but as yet Stephen has yet to add his name on this fine piece of silverware which has been won in the past by some of the finest riders.

There are still spaces available both in the Experts and the Junior categories, so if you would like to ride give Emma a call on 07801277654 for more info.

Some of the past winners of the Patchquick Trophy

1965 Rob Jordan 1966 Dave Bickers 1967 Bryan Goss
1968 Andy Robertson 1969 Malcolm Dearn 1970 Ros Fraser
1971 Ivan Miller 1972 Malcolm Davis 1973 Bryan Goss
1974 Bryan Goss 1975 Vic Eastwood 1976 Neil Hudson
1977 Bob Wright 1978 Rob Hooper 1979 Graham Noyce
1980 Vic Allen 1981 Neil Hudson 1982 David Thorpe
1983 David Thorpe 1984 Jeremy Whatley 1985 Neil Hudson
1986 David Thorpe 1987 David Thorpe 1988 Mark Banks
1989 Jared Smith 1990 Rob Herring 1991 Jeremy Whatley
1992 Matt Gordon 1993 Kurt Nicoll 1994 Daniel Smith
1995 Brian Wheeler 1996 Not Awarded 1997 Kurt Nicoll
1998 Craig Pratley 1999 Jeff Perrett 2000 M Hucklebridge
2001 Not run 2002 Glen Phillips 2003 David Thorpe
2004 Jonathan Pettitt 2005 Not run 2006 Not run
2007 Not run 2008 Jordan Rose 2009 Tom Church
2010 Brad Anderson 2011 Alex Snow


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