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South Somerset latest race report

South Somerset latest race report

Beating rain was the waking call on the 18th of September for the first round of South Somerset’s Autumn series at Phoenix Motoparc. The track looked superb and it was in need of some rain, not sure the amount of rain it got was quite what we had in mind though! This is probably the reason why the event was so poorly attended, I guess if I was at home and looked out the bedroom window I would have gone back to bed too! I’m sure the majority of riders were wondering if we would cancel the meeting, not something we do lightly but to be honest this would have been the easy option for us, given the conditions, but some riders had already travelled 95 minutes to be with us, so cancelling wasn’t an option especially as the sun was poking its head out from behind them there clouds. The decision was made we were running and for all the guys that did turn up what a great day’s racing was had by all.

Practice was delayed until 10 with the MX1 and 2 boys leaving the pit box to blast up deer park hill. The track surprised us all apart from Barry, he was quietly confident the track would ride well, and boy was he right, it was really good. Deer park hill was conquered by all, even the little 65cc machines powered their way to the top it would seem with considerable ease. The Auto’s were thanking their lucky stars they didn’t have to take to the summit, they took a slightly shorter but none the less challenging track, and that caused little or no problems for these determined warriors.

The day turned out to be much more than we could have hoped for, we even had time for a fourth block which went down a storm.

Top six as follows:

Auto                                                                                                      Juniors

1st Harrison Luff                                                                                                1st Zak Clarke

2nd Edward Hoddinott                                                                    2nd Tyler Rowe

3rd Bradley Richman                                                                        3rd Ryan Mundell

4th Tyler Westcott                                                                            4th Thomas Darlow

5th Ben Pratt                                                                                       5th Jed Sawyer

6th Archie Dowson                                                                           6th Samuel Dowson

Small Wheel                                                                                       Big Wheel

1st Billy King                                                                                         1st Owen Woodley

2nd Bradley Flagg                                                                               2nd Ross Parkinson

3rd Archie Hicks                                                                                 3rd Matthew Clarke

4th Moreland Smith                                                                         4th Aaron Gamblin

5th Casey Williams                                                                            5th Jack Perkins

6th Ross Kersey

Rookies                                                                                                                MX2

1st Scott Wintersgill                                                                          1st Chester Blair J

2nd Toby Harvey                                                                                                2nd Ricky Britton

3rd Luke Sturgeon                                                                            3rd Matthew Selway

4th Ryan Hooper                                                                                4th William James

5th Luke Williams                                                                               5th Daniel Gissing

6th Tom Johnson


1st Shayne Headon

2nd Richard Cole

3rd Dan Hartley

4th Phillip Hoddinott

5th Chester Blair S

6th Josh Tunbridge


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