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A Solid Day at the Office for Emberson RFX Yamaha

A Solid Day at the Office for Emberson RFX Yamaha

The fourth round of the 2012 British Motocross Championship saw the teams heading for Milton Malsor, just outside Northampton. The newly rebranded Emberson RFX Yamaha team were out in force, hoping to build on the strong start that the riders have made at the first three rounds. But it was to be a mixed day for the team, with injuries and accidents conspiring to make the day both frustrating and challenging for the riders and the team. But the two MX2 riders, Steve Lenoir and Graeme Irwin continued to add points to their championship tally, proving that in such a tight championship, every single race counts. With Lenoir sitting a comfortable fourth in the standings and Irwin a handful of points behind in seventh, the prospect of both riders finishing the season with podium or at least a top five is very much alive.

Graeme Irwin – MX2
“I had a big crash on Wednesday while practicing, so to start with I wasn’t sure whether I was going to be able to ride this weekend. But as nothing was broken, I wanted to ride. As the day wore on the pain got worse – the track was getting really rutted towards the end of the day, and every time I landed a jump or hit a bump it was jarring my wrist and it was really painful. It was a bad day at the office, but I got fourth in race 1, sixth in race two so not too shabby really. By the last race it was really difficult, so I finished way down but still with the first two results I came away with points, and that’s far better than no points!”

Steve Lenoir – MX2
“My day was good – I rode well today. I just had some bad luck in the first race – I came off and could only fight back to 15t, but in Race 2 I finished fourth, in the last MX1 / MX2 race I had a good fight with Elliott Banks Browne, but he managed to stay just ahead and I got seventh at the end. The first race lost me some championship points, but I’m still happy with my riding and I hope I can get on the podium soon – I can’t wait for it and every day I’m working for it. I hope next time I will be there!”

Jon Giffard – Team Manager
“The day went good and bad really. Graeme took a crash on Wednesday and went to hospital just to get checked out. Luckily it was all OK and he’s really hung on in out there today. He had two good rides out – fourth and sixth, so that’s a great set of results in the circumstances. He struggled in the last race – it was a really long race so it was always going to be difficult even without an injury!
We were really please with Steven today, we were just gutted about the first race – he crashed on the first lap and had to fight back. The second race was good, and the Super final played really good for him. He’s now lying fourth in the championship, so he’s done himself some good today.
Jake Shipton had an OK day today – he was struggling a bit with the heat and the track but we’re happy that he worked hard out there. Jordan McClelland was riding MXY2 for us today, but he hurt his knee in the first moto, so couldn’t go out for the second race.
Overall, I’m pretty happy with the day.”

The team travel to Northern Ireland at the end of June for the fifth round at the punishing Desertmartin circuit. With round 5 marking the start of the second half of the season and the fixture being almost a ‘home fixture’ for Graeme Irwin, the Emberson RFX Yamaha team will be hoping for every ounce of the traditional Irish luck.

MX2 Overall round 4
2 Bradshaw 46pts
3 Aubin 44pts
4 Mackenzie 43pts
5 Lenoir 38pts
6 Graeme Irwin 35pts
7 Rowson 32pts
8 Pocock 31pts
9 Cottrell 31pts
10 Edmonds 22pts

MX2 2012 Maxxis British Championship after 4 rounds
1 EBB 235 PTS
2 Pocock 216pts
3 Bradshaw 183pts
4 Steven Lenoir 175pts
5 Mackenzie 173pts
6 Aubin 151pts
7 Graeme Irwin 146pts
8 Booker 109pts
9 Edmonds 96pts
10 Cottrell 90pts


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