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Small Talk with Katie Walker

Small Talk with Katie Walker

Lewis Lloyd

This week MOTO caught with super fast enduro ace Katie Walker, from Leominster Herefordshire. Katie is 14 years old and rides in enduro/cross country events throughout the UK and is currently a proud owner of a KTM SX125.

Katie #252 takes the holeshot at recent British youth enduro championship race at Red Marley

MOTO – So Katie, how long have you been riding now?
“I have been riding for nearly 4 years, as I started in June 2007.”

MOTO – What made you race enduro’s instead of motocross?
“I race enduro’s because my Dad used to race them, and they looked enjoyable so I just had a go and enjoyed it.”

MOTO – With you mostly only racing boys, do you finding at all intimidating?
“No, I don’t find it intimidating at all, I find it more challenging therefore it brings me on a lot better. Racing with boys, improves my riding skills a lot and there is a lot of competition youth wise.”

MOTO – Is there a women’s enduro championship, or is it just racing with boys?
“No there are women’s championships, I have done a women’s enduro championship in 2010 called the AMCA Rockoil championship, which I won. But I find racing with boys improves my riding a lot more than racing with ladies. I’ve also won other events including the winter series 2009/2010 in over 13’s 85cc class, I was third in the summer series over 13’s 85cc class with WFOR (IOPD), I won the overall in Ladies championship with WFOR ( IOPD) and first overall in the ladies championship in 2010 with fast eddy racing.”

MOTO – What do you do away from the sport?
“Well, at the moment I go to college one day a week, getting my qualifications for hair & beauty, and the other days I’m in school. I spend some time out with my mates doing general things. And some weekends that I’m not racing, I go out practising on my bike.”

MOTO – Is there a specific reason why you ride a 2stroke and not a 4stroke?
“Well I haven’t really had any experience on a 4stroke, I like riding a 125 two stroke because they are easier to handle and a lot lighter.”

MOTO – What do your friends and family think of you racing?
“My family have a very positive and very supportive attitude towards my racing so does my sponsor Andrew James, from ET James motorcycles in Rhayader. Some of my friends enjoy coming to watch because it is different to what they usually do.”

MOTO – There’s not really that many practice tracks to practice enduro, what do you usually do to practice?
“Sometimes I go out practising with my Dad and his mates to enduro tracks in mid Wales. But the main practice track I ride is our own one, which I enjoy riding.

MOTO – Thanks Katie is there anyone you would like to give a shout out too? And good luck for the rest of this year.

“I would just like to thank Andrew James and my Dad and family for all the support given to me past the years”.

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