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Five Slovenian riders in top ten in Slovenia

Five Slovenian riders in top ten in Slovenia

We can consider the Qualifying race of MX3 guys as a lucky one. The track was as wet as motocross rider like. Just after their heat the rain shower came. The WMX category wasn´t such happy as MX3 was. After eight minutes and eleven seconds of WMX Qualifying race, there was red flag in the air. The reason was: bad weather. Immediately after sighting lap of Qualifying race the heavy rain started. Saturdays’ qualification of MX3 was successful mostly to the countryman: Matevz Irt. He was wheel to wheel with Matthias Walkner. On home soil was Klemen Gercar too. The fourth position belongs to him.

“I know this track very well so it was very nice for me. It was ok but it starts rain so we will see how it will be tomorrow. My friends, family and lot of my fans are here and I can hear them and feel support. That´s really good. I´m happy that I won, but it was fight with Walkner till the last second.“ says the winner of the Qualifying race, Slovenian Matevz Irt.

The current red flag owner Matthias Walkner from KTM Hilinger MX Racing Team was fighting until the last turn. One lap before finish he was even for few seconds in front of Irt. Finally he took second place and the right to choose pole position in tomorrows’ race as the second.

The third was Michael Staufer from Austria. He started as seventh but he speeded up and after seven laps he was behind Irt and Walkner.

From UFO Racing team the fourth was Klemen Gercar. This Slovenian guy has the best lap time in Pre-Qualifiing practise. Till the half of race he was as third, but later on Staufer overtook him and put him on the fourth place.

In Slovenia round lot of Austrians came. Brothers Schmidingers´ from Team Mibag Schmidinger World MX cannot miss it. The best of them was Gűnter Schmidinger who end as fifth. He had good start but afterwards he slowed down a bit. Maybe it was due to injury from Croatia, because still he is felling pain in his leg.

With the “lucky” starting number 777 another Slovenian Saso Kragelj was sixth. From the fifth place after first lap he moved down and up and finally ended on sixth place.

Lukasz Lonka from Poland rode in style: start – finish. He was all time long on the same, seventh position. It was very stable performance.

Skilled and experienced rider from Finland, Antti Pyrhőnen started very bad. That´s the reason, why he needed fight his way from 16th to 8th position.

9th and 10th place took two Slovenians´ riders. Nineth was Jernej Irt, brother of Matevz who is riding most of the season in Indonesia. Tenth was his countryman, Rok Bekanovic.

MX3 Qualifying Race top ten:1. Irt, Matevz (SLO, Suzuki)26:00.598; 2. Walkner, Matthias (AUT, KTM)+0:00.467 ;3. Staufer, Michael (AUT, KTM) +0:02.647; 4. Gercar, Klemen (SLO, Honda)+ 0:14.427; 5. Schmidinger, Günter (AUT, Honda) +0:32.742; 6.Kragelj, Saso (SLO, Yamaha) +0:59.482; 7. Lonka, Lukasz ( POL, Honda) +1:02.558; 8. Pyrhönen, Antti (FIN, Honda) + 1:04.023; 9. Irt, Jernej (SLO, Suzuki) +1:12.482; 10.Bekanovic, Rok (SLO, Yamaha) + 1:16.834;

Complete results available here

MX3 Round of Slovenia – QUICK FACTS
Circuit length: 1 554 m
Type of ground: hard pack
Temperature: 18°C
Weather conditions: rain

Saturday: MX3 Free Practice 10:00; WMX Free Practice 11:00; MX3 Qualifying Race 15:00; WMX Qualifying Race 16:00;
Sunday: WMX Warm-Up 10:00; MX3 Warm-Up 10:30; WMX Race 1 12:30; MX3 Race 1 13:30; WMX Race 2 15:30; MX3 Race 2 16:30;


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