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Shipton wins at Canada Heights

Shipton wins at Canada Heights

Lewis Lloyd

The first round of the MXY2 championship was held at the fantastic Canada Heights circuit the weekend, with a massive crowd turning up the young guns had something to show!

The first race was stacked with excitement with Jake Shipton checking out early on in the race. Ryan Houghton didn’t get the best of starts but managed to pull through to second and started to catch up Jake towards the end of the race making it a real tight last lap but Houghton didn’t quite have enough to get passed Jake. Bradley Pocock was on a mission coming from dead last managing to get up to 8th position, whilst Jordan Divall took a strong 3rd position.

Bradley Pocock managed to get out front early on in the second race, with Jake Shipton challenged Brad for the first 3laps in but couldn’t do enough to get passed. Ryan Houghton then managed to get passed Jake for 2nd and then chased for the lead. Bradley took the win with a 3 second lead over Houghton, and Shipton took 3rd.

Round one didn't go to plan for James Yates as he took 22nd overall.
Jake Shipton managed to take the 1st overall by 1 point
Ryan Mclean wasn't best pleased with his performance - ''small mistakes cost me 11th overall'' he said.
James Rutter fought hard in both races and took 10th overall.

Joe Bamfield was very stylish all day

Overall Results –

1 731 Jake Shipton 45 25 20
2 119 Ryan Houghton 44 22 22
3 57 Bradley Pocock 38 13 25
4 63 Jordan Divall 38 20 18
5 303 Jake Milward 33 18 15
6 5 Mark Prefect 31 15 16
7 811 Adam Sterry 28 14 14
8 101 Rob Muscat 23 11 12
9 54 Joe Bamfield 19 8 11
10 100 James Rutter 19 12 7


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