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Searle slugs it out for the win in Bulgaria but Herlings comment angers Searle fans

Searle slugs it out for the win in Bulgaria but Herlings comment angers Searle fans

Great to see Tommy Searle take the victory in Bulgaria yesterday even after his first race brake problem Tommy certainly showed Herlings whose boss around the fast hard pack circuit.

Tommy Searle: “My Kawasaki is even faster than last year and I had no problem to take the holeshot in both motos. That always make the races easier and I was unlucky not to have a double win this weekend. We’re still not sure how it happened but I lost the front brake in the first race; I had to change my lines and it was difficult on a track with so many steep downhills but I only lost two places and I knew that a win in race two would give me the overall GP victory.”

One thing that has got Tommy’s fans into a frenzy was the comment made by Herlings after the race where he said he let Tommy win. We all watched the race and you could see Herlings was giving it everything to catch Tommy especially on the last few laps – its a shame as Tommy has always been gracious in defeat with Herlings like he was in Valkenswaard.

Here are some clean and printable comments from Searle fans on Twitter and there were lots.

“Herlings certainly hasn’t done himself any favours has he!? Especially as he nearly crashes trying to out scrub Tommy!”

“Herlings couldn’t beat him on the track so has to resort to giving it the large in his interview”

“So herlings let @tommysearle100 have the win in that race cos he beat tommy in the other one, yeah ok Jeffrey it really looked like that!!”

“well done for yesterday mate great ride, you owned herlings keep the flag flying!!!”

“Herlings and Searle are on some deep mind games already this season. Everyone needs to get behind our boy Tommy!!”

“crazy fool ! Should hear the arrogance of herlings at the end interview too ! Much hate to him now !”


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