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RV2 in Europe and watch his new movie

RV2 in Europe and watch his new movie

Ryan Villopoto came to Europe for the GP of Belgium. So we took the chance to shoot him some questions during a Parts Europe party before the race in Bastogne.

Hey Ryan, how is your knee doing?
“It’s good, rehab is going really well. I’m cycling and working out. I should start riding probably in August, so I will be on the bike pretty soon and we’ll go from there. There is no plans when to come back to race, except for sure next season.”

Remind us how did the injury happened?
“It was at Seattle Supercross, my hometown race. It was a minor fall, I just fell over, but it just got my knee in the right spot and tore my ACL. I pretty much knew it right then when it happened. You actually never know it until you get to the doctor for the MRI. But once they did that it confirmed what I was thinking and fixed it immediately. I just wanted to move forward and get it fixed as quickly as possible.”

Will we see you maybe at the Motocross of Nations?
“I have heard that they would like me there to race the Motocross of Nations, but right now I don’t have a plan. As I said I will maybe start riding in August, but I still need to see the doctor and get released.”

Did you think you would wrap up the SX title so quick?
“Wrapping up the Supercross title was a blessing for sure with my knee injury. I was happy I did it that early. It took a lot of pressure off my shoulders. Of course the injury was a bummer, but that is part of the sport.”

Do you follow the Nationals closely or focus only on getting back on the bike?
“I follow them, but not very close, it is nothing major. It’s kinda hard not to. Right now I focus on getting back my fitness and once I am able to ride the fitness and all that stuff will really start to move into the right direction. So right now I am just doing rehab with the knee.”

Who do you think will win the Nationals this year?
“Between Ryan and James we have seen some close racing. But now with James having to miss a round it should be Ryan Dungey if he doesn’t get an injury or a technical. The 250 class is always exciting, it’s up in the air who’s gonna win that. Blake has the lead right now but he has to stay focused and don’t do any mistakes. Tomac and Barcia ride really well right now, they just have to stay on him.”

Tell us more about your video by Volcom which will come out tomorrow on Facebook.
“The guys from Volcom are an awesome sponsor for me and I love working with them. They came and asked if I wanted to do a video and I knew they had some stuff going with their surfers and nothing like that has ever been done in our sport. There have been motocross movies but never as a real documentary. I have seen it and I think it is really good, but it will be interesting to get everybodys feedback. Hopefully it will go well.”

You are now in Europe and to check out the Belgian GP, are you stoked to be here?
“I have never been at a GP before, only Motocross of Nations. Of course I will not be riding, which is a difference, but it will be fun and hopefully we will have some decent weather, too. Whenever I come to Europe I am racing, so it is nice this time that we can hang out and see different things in a different part of the world.”

We heard that Adam Cianciarulo beat you on his Supermini, is that true?
“He lives close to me and rides at my place all the time in Florida. All I am gonna say is, luckily I will be retired by the time he races my class. The things he is doing now on his Supermini and 250F are really amazing. I am in my 8th professional year and to see how I have developed in that time and to see what he does already now on his Supermini. I was riding his Supermini and he burnt me over on it, so it is interesting to see what is to come. He is riding really well and definitely has a bright future.”

Thank you for the interview and hope to see you back on the bike soon!

Watch his new movie HERE on Facebook


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