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Russia to hold FIM Snowcross and FIM MX World Championships in 2012

Russia to hold FIM Snowcross and FIM MX World Championships in 2012

Technical sports in Russia have reached a principally new development level. Thanks to great efforts of the Motorcycle Federation of Russia (MFR) aimed to create an efficient infrastructure, a network of modern sport complexes for competitions and training of Russian teams for participation in World and European Championships the national aim of popularization of technical sports in Russia has been achieved with arrival of serious competitions of the GP World level.

The MFR currently consolidates 13 technical sports, including speedway, ice-racing, snowcross, motocross, etc.

In October 2011 under support of Investtradebank as the main partner of the MFR, Technical Sports Centre Semigorje and Youthstream signed a new deal to bring to Russia the Grand Prix Russia FIM Motocross World Championship MX1 and MX2 for the first time in the newest history as well as the FIM Snowcross World Championship in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. The next Russian FIM Snowcross World Championship will be held in Semigorje (Ivanovo region, about 400 km from Moscow) on 23 February 2012, the Grand Prix Russia FIM Motocross World Championship on 22 July 2012. Besides that an agreement has been reached to hold two FIM Snowcross World Championships starting from 2013 in Russia, that will undoubtedly raise prestige of technical sports in Russia.

Russia has a unique chance to hold motocross races at the level of highest standards, as spectacular and breath-taking as Fomula-1 auto races. In the current year 15 championships have been held in the USA, Germany, Brazil, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, etc. More than 2500 riders and team members as well as 30 thousand guests, including more than 5 thousand foreign tourists are expected to visit the Grand Prix Russia FIM Motocross Championship in Semigorje. One of the strongest Russian riders, the Honda World Motocross Team pilot in the royal class MXGP, one of the challengers for the Motocross World Championship 2012 trophy Evgenij Bobryshev will take part in the GP.

The leading specialist in organization of Snowcross World Championships, the famous Finnish rider, the double World Champion and the winner of two USA Championships, FIM member Tomi Ahmasalo has already joined the Steering Committee as well as other strong specialists from Finland, Germany, Italy, Sweden ensuring participation of strongest world riders and organization of competitions in line with the highest standards.

Vladimir Gudkov, the Chairman of the Management Board of the OJSC “Investtradebank”, said: “Today sport has a great joining power. We are interested in a strong Russia, that is why business has to help to develop sports in our country, especially in the regions. Construction of new stadiums and skating rinks, sports venues and racing grounds, development of physical education and children’s sports will help us to grow a healthy nation”.

The venue for the world championships – Technical Sports Centre Semigorje is located on the crossing of the main touristic routs across ancient Russian towns. Prestigious races of the World level will become an impressive indicator of sports development in Russia as well as attract attention of foreign guests to the touristic cluster “The Golden Ring of Russia”. Tourists from different countries of the world will be able to visit famous Russian towns having unique historical and cultural monuments, handicraft centers, picturesque monasteries.

Interesting and spectacular motocross and snowcross races will undoubtedly promote a healthy lifestyle among young people. On 15 November during the press-conference in Moscow an agreement was signed on establishment of Tomi Ahmasalo School on the basis of the Technical Sports Centre Semigorje under support of Investtradebank. The school will prepare children and youth for snowcross, ATV and motocross championships. It will open its doors to all interested Russian children. The same school will be opened in Finland for Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian children.

Technical Sports Centre Semigorje is an investment project of Investtradebank. Semigorje has more than 40 hectares of own grounds, a 70 rooms hotel, a cottage village for 20 persons, several restaurants, entertainment and SPA centres, Russian baths, ski slopes, tennis courts with artificial grounds.
The Technical Sports Centre is a specially equipped modern multi-purpose racing venue for snowcross, motocross and ATV races, meeting international standards; as well as cross-country racing grounds from 17 to 40 km long for snowcross “Enduro” and “country-cross”.
According to the modernization and development plan a MotorHome is being constructed with application of modern technologies and construction materials. MotorHome is a complex of 30-40 boxes for reparation and storage of sports machinery with a cosy café. On upper floors there will be a number of comfortable rooms for team members and visitors. Moreover, a racing course for go-cart races, minimoto, supermoto races will be constructed.

OJSC “Investtradebank” was established in March 1994. Investtradebank (ITB) is a universal commercial bank, providing services to enterprises and organizations with different property forms, representing a wide range of economic sectors, small and medium-sized businesses and private clients.

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