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Robbie Maddison backflips tower bridge in London

Robbie Maddison backflips tower bridge in London

Freestyle motocross star Robbie Maddison took London by surprise last night as he performed a spectacular backflip over an open Tower Bridge in the British capital. The 27-year-old Australian took to the air at 2.55am and soared nearly one hundred feet over the Thames.


LONDON, 13th July 2009. The early hours of Monday morning saw Maddison become the first rider in history to take on Tower Bridge on a motorbike. The Australian used the famous London landmark as a take-off and landing ramp as he cleared the gap above the Thames after the iconic bridge had been raised. With an approach speed of approximately 40 mph, Maddison took off from the north side of the bridge, performed a no-handed backflip, and held his landing in front of the south tower of one of the World’s most famous sights.

Maddison joined forces with Red Bull once again to make his UK dream a reality, having already chalked up the world’s longest ever motorbike jump (106.9m), and the highest ever vertical ‘step up’ at the replica Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve 2008 (25.9m).


Maddison said: “The whole experience was awesome. Since the jumps in Las Vegas I’ve been set on doing something special here in London so the Red Bull team and I have been secretly scoping out Tower Bridge for months. We had a matter of minutes on the bridge and had to time everything to the second, there were so many factors to get right, but we pulled it off.

People say I’m crazy, but I just want to push the boundaries of my sport and my body to the limit and I love taking on these huge challenges. It was an incredible feeling to fly between the two towers and over the Thames.”


Maddison will return to London on 22 August to take part in the final stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2009 at Battersea Power Station.

Many people helped make this event possible, including Visit London ( and the owners of Tower Bridge, the City of London Corporation (

  1. Vidya

    Hey Robbie,
    Fantastic Jump!!

  2. Merv williams

    Robbie Maddison for Prime Minister EEEEEEEEEEEEEHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Robin Lee Compton

    Amazing Jump Robbie… Stay Safe out there !

  4. griffin

    that is sweet

  5. griffin

    that is ssssssoooooo ssssssswwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttt!!!!!!!


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