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The 170 odd riders arriving at a well groomed, although naturally old school rough and ready Weedon were greeted by blue skies and a cold westerly wind this Sunday.
Undaunted, the riders got practice underway and the dryer than expected track soon caught out the unwary. Power sliding with varying degrees of skill proving to be the difference between success and failure during the day for many.

First out where the under 35’s and it was Paul Burn who took the holeshot and a lead he never gave up despite the best efforts of Mark Boswell who was on his case the whole race. These two had gaped third placed, Paul Edge, by some distance who had had his own race getting past a fast starting Rd Linnell. Michael McClurg also soon dispatched Ed for his fourth.
The second block saw Burn make an uncharacteristic mistake, which dropped him to 4th and gave the victory to Mark and second spot to Edge.
In the final race it was Richie McDermott who took the holeshot and early lead but his 250F was soon overwhelmed by the chasing 450’s and it was Burn who came out on top again with Mark in 2nd and Edge again in 3rd. It was to Mark Boswell, however, to whom the overall went by just one point thanks to Burns earlier ‘poor’ 4th place!

The BW85’s were next out and fast improving Ben Huckerby grabbed the holeshot and the win. He was being pushed hard by Jack Gower, who then spun out trying to make a pass on the 4th lap, gifting 2nd to a distant Daley Couldron and third placed man Jordan Wills.
Race two saw Wills grab the holeshot and the early lead, which he never gave up. Jack Gower again spun out but this time on the 3rd corner of the race! Daley was also up there until he dropped it as well mid race. Meanwhile Ben Huckerby stayed in the saddle for a solid 2nd and Liam Wright was home in 3rd.
In the last block Henry Gilbert, who had had a mare of a day until now, charged into the lead and he romped home for his win as Daley again made a mistake mid race which left the door open for Jordan Hind to slip into 2nd and Wills to take 3rd and the overall.

The new and increasingly popular over 35’s was next up and long time member Richard Lowe charged down the start straight for a convincing holeshot and a lead he held from gate to flag. Behind him old dog Greg O’Callaghan made himself as wide as a bus and despite not being the fastest guy out there proved to be impossible to pass! A good battle for 3rd was developing as riders backed up behind Greg but it was Simon Sparrow who eventually came home in 3rd.
The second race saw much of the same, Richard again taking a lead he didn’t give up and a battle royal behind him. Again Greg held onto 2nd, this time being followed through the chequered flag by Rob Hollis.
In the final race Richard again stormed into the lead for his final win and the first maximum of the day. Greg and Simon again taking the minor placings.
A growing group of SW85’s were the third out and Jack Gregory flew into the lead. James Dunn pushed him hard all race and these two gaped third place rider, Joe Tobutt, by some distance.
Race two saw James get his revenge as he took the holeshot and Jack, trying hard to pass him, lost it on the second lap dropping back to 4th .He put on a charge and got himself back up to 2nd. Meanwhile Dunn had checked out for an easy win. Joe again came home in third.
James again took an early lead and the victory in the final race. Jack was in second again but his bike failed him and a gutted father and son were seen pushing the bike back to the paddock. This opened the door to a consistent Joe Tobutt to take 2nd in the race and 2nd overall. Matt Harrison was able to claim 3rd overall by virtue of Jack’s demise.

Jacob Warner holeshot the first race of the 65’s but he also spun out on the 2nd corner and restarting in last could only get back up to 8th by the end. Meanwhile Max Pinney took over the lead, which he held to the flag. Ethan Humphries followed him home in 2nd and Callem Bennett was third.
The second block Jacob and Max were at it hammer and tongs but this time Jacob made no mistakes and held Max off for a good win. Tom Stafford finished a solid but lonely 3rd.
The last race saw first corner carnage as 5 or 6 riders all went down behind the leaders. Again it was Jacob over Max for the win and behind them this time was Callem again. But for his off in the second race he would have taken the final step on the podium but that honour went to Tom Stafford whose 4th place was just enough.

The biggest gate of Auto’s seen by the club for sometime were next up and not surprisingly they had a big pile up on the first corner which saw one or two unexpected early leaders and Ben Kind restarting in last! JC Verdugo clawed his way into the lead and the win from 4th on the first lap and Ben Kind showed true quality by riding through the field and up into 2nd! Luke Everett also came up through much of the pack to take 3rd.
The second race little Lewis Huckerby grabbed the holeshot and the lead. He held off Ben for a couple of laps but eventually lost out to him and a lap later Luke also came past and they finished in that order.
In the last race Ben made a clean start and romped off a great win and the overall, behind him Dillon Fitzpatrick was in 2nd for a while holding off first Luke and then Lewis for a lap each and so had to settle for 4th in the end.

Last group of the day was the SB125’s and the fireworks really went off with a bang!
In the first race Kai Passmore-Jones grabbed the holeshot but spun it on the second corner. Tommy Allsop took over the lead chased by Ben Rollinson, Mitch Eaton and a slow starting Kyle Sheard. Ben took the lead late in lap one and on lap 5 Tommy had a wobble that dropped him to 5th. Meanwhile Kyle had worked his way into 2nd and made a fine pass on Ben going into the last lap for the win. Ben also had to watch Pete Cole come past him for 2nd dropping him to 3rd. Further down the field a four bike pileup right on the finish line proved none of these guys are taking any prisoners!
Race two saw Ben get the early lead heading off Cameron Harris and Kyle. By lap 3 Kyle had taken the lead, Cameron had dropped back and Pete Cole was nowhere. Then both Ben and Cameron had spills out the back and somehow Pete was in 2nd and Cody Ling 3rd!
In the final race of the day Ben again got the early lead but Kyle was onto him early and made the pass early in the first lap. Pete took a couple of laps to dispatch Ben Jeffs and then chased down Rollinson eventually taking him late in the race and they finished in that order.

And so ended the 2008 NSMXC winter series and begun the club championships. If attendances so far this year are anything to go by we’re all in for a great season ahead.
See you all on the 16th March at Armthorpe.



AUTOS: 1. Ben Kind 2. Luke Everett 3. JC Verdugo 4. Lewis Huckerby 5. Dillan Fitzpatrick 6. Ross Innocent

JUNIOR 65’S: 1.Max Pinney 2. Jacob Warner 3. Tom Stafford 4. Callem Bennett

5. Ethan Humphries 6. Jordan Fox

SW85’S: 1. James Dunn 2. Joe Tobutt 3. Matt Harrison . 4. Tony Saunders 5. Adam Johnson 6. Travis Wolfenden

BW85’S: 1. Jordan Wills 2. Ben Huckerby 3. Liam Wright 4. Daley Couldron 5. Jordan Hind 6. Henry Gilbert

SB125’S: 1. Kyle Sheard 2. Pete Cole 3. Ben Rollinson 4. Cody Ling 5. William King 6. Ben Jeffs

ADULT UNDER 35’S: 1. Mark Boswell 2. Paul Burn 3. Paul Edge 4. Steve Worts 5. Richard McDermot 6. Michael McClurg

ADULT OVER 35’S: 1. Richard Lowe 2. Greg O’Callaghan 3. Simon Sparrow 4. Rob Hollis 5. Simon Steadman 6. Arvydas Bartasius


AUTOS: 1. Ben Kind 2. Luke Everettt 3. JC Verdugo 4. Lewis Huckerby 5. Jaydon Wooloff 6. Ross Innocent

JUNIOR 65’S: 1. Jacob Warner 2. Max Pinney 3. Tom Stafford 4. Eathan Humphries 5. Callem Bennett 6. Jordan Fox

SW85’S: 1. Max Hind 2. Matt Harrison 3. Joe Tobutt 4. Travis Wolfenden 5. Emma Richards 6. Luke Wightman

BW85’S: 1. Liam Wright 2. Jordan Wills 3. Jordan Hind 4. Daley Couldron 5. Ben Huckerby 6. Adam Campion

SB125’S: 1. Peter Cole 2. Kyle Sheard 3. William King 4. Cody Ling 5. Ben Jeffs 6. Thomas Allsopp

ADULTS UNDER 35: 1. Paul Edge 2. Steve Worts 3. Richard McDermott 4. Michael McClurg 5. Robert Flaherty 6. Matt Smith

ADULTS OVER 35: 1. Simon Sparrow 2. Greg O’Callaghan 3. Arvydas Bartasius 4. Lee Walton 5. John Wills 6. Dave Ward