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Mel Pocock is improving week on week - Image by Ray Chuss

Round four of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship proved to be a tough outing for the Relentless Suzuki by TAS MX Team at the weekend, as MX2 protagosnist, Mel Pocock, battled to another strong overall result and MX1 teammate, Gordon Crockard, suffered at the hands of illness and a raceday crash.

After suffering a nasty crash while competing in the Irish Championships last weekend, Pocock started his race day conservatively with a solid fifth place in the opening moto, but only after dropping one place in the closing stages of the race. Determined to keep his positive championship standings alive, his second race of the day saw typical Pocock pace, finishing on the podium in third, before another great ride in the final race of the day saw the RM-Z250 rider come home in fourth, ending the day in the same position overall too.

Mel Pocock: “A much better weekend than I was expecting to be honest. I wasn’t feeling at all well at the beginning of the day after my crash last weekend, but the team rallied round and I went into the first race of the day feeling comfortable. After getting the first race under my belt, my confidence grew and despite the rough conditions, I could get really great drive and traction thanks to the Pirelli tyre, and managed to push on for a pair of better finishes. Considering how I thought the day would go, I’m really pleased with the result.”

In the MX1 catergory, Crockard’s run of bad luck continued even before he arrived at the Milton Park venue after coming down with a heavy cold on the Tuesday before. A gritty ride in the opening race yielded his second best result of the season in eighth, before crash in the second race aggrivated the neck injury from Canada Heights earlier in the season, effectively ending the RM-Z450 riders weekend and hope of any further positive result.

Gordon Crockard: “Not good at all. After the success in Ireland last week I was really hopeful of a good round at Milton, but then I woke up on Tuesday morning with a stinking cold which I just couldn’t shake off. After the big crash a few years back, where I lost my spleen, recovery from things like this is a struggle, so I just have make the best of a bad job and get on with it. The opening race was actually quite positive, but then the crash just added insult to injury and aggrivated the neck problem I picked up at Canada Heights. So now I need to put this behind me, run damage limitation next weekend at Landrake and then I can use the break to recover and get ready for the second half of the championship.

Adam Lyons, Team Manager, ” A weekend of two halves really. A much more positive one for Mel than we were all expecting but for Gordon another struggle sadly. As a team we’re stronger than ever, and everyone has dug deep to allow the guys the best chance possible to deliver decent results. For Mel this team effort is really paying off, but for Gordon, no amount of team effort could make up for all this bad luck. As everyone knows, you’d struggle to find a harder rider than Gordon, so I know he’ll come through this and show us all what he’s capable of in the near future.”


MX1 Race 1: 1st Brad Anderson, 2nd Kristian Whatley, 3rd Martin Barr, 4th Stephen Sword, 5th Gert Krestinov, 6th Alex Snow, 7th Tom Church, 8th GORDON CROCKARD (Suzuki), 9th Nathan Parker, 10th Ross Hill

MX1 Race 2: 1st Kristian Whatley, 2nd Brad Anderson, 3rd Jason Dougan, 4th Martin Barr, 5th Stephen Sword, 6th Nathan Parker, 7th Alex Snow, 8th Gert Krestinov, 9th Graeme Irwin, 10th Wayne Garrett

MX1 Race 3: 1st Brad Anderson, 2nd Jason Dougan, 3rd Martin Barr, 4th Kristian Whatley, 5th Stephen Sword, 6th Alex Snow, 7th Gert Krestinov, 8th Tom Church, 9th Jamie Law, 10th Nathan Parker

MX1 Overall: 1st Anderson, 2nd Whatley, 3rd Barr, 4th Dougan, 5th Sword, 6th Snow, 7th Krestinov, 8th Parker, 9th Church, 10th Irwin, 16th CROCKARD (SUZUKI)

MX1 Championship Standings: 1st Anderson (248), 2nd Whatley (229), 3rd Sword (197), 4th Dougan (194), 5th Church (183), 6th Barr (183), 7th Krestinov (148), 8th Irwin (148), 9th Simpson (138), 10th Snow (129), 13th CROCKARD (89)

MX2 Race 1: 1st Zach Osborne, 2nd Arnaud Tonus, 3rd Elliott Banks Browne, 4th Bryan MacKenzie, 5th MEL POCOCK (SUZUKI), 6th Neville Bradshaw, 7th Ray Rowson, 8th Alan Keet, 9th Matt Bayliss, 10th Scott Elderfield

MX2 Race 2: 1st Zach Osborne, 2nd Arnaud Tonus, 3rd MEL POCOCK (SUZUKI), 4th Neville Bradshaw, 5th Elliott Banks Browne, 6th Scott Elderfield, 7th Stuart Edmonds, 8th Alan Keet, 9th Anthony Reville, 10th Sunny Thompson

MX2 Race 3: 1st Arnaud Tonus, 2nd Zach Osborne, 3rd Elliott Banks Browne, 4th MEL POCOCK (SUZUKI), 5th Steven Clarke, 6thRay Rowson, 7th Neville Bradshaw, 8th Scott Elderfield, 9th Jordan Booker, 10th Sunny Thompson

MX2 Overalll: 1st Osborne, 2nd Tonus, 3rd Banks Browne, 4th POCOCK (SUZUKI), 5th Bradshaw, 6th Elderfield, 7th Keet, 8th Edmonds, 9th Rowson, 10th Reville

MX2 Championship Standings: 1st Osborne (263), 2nd Tonus (257), 3rd Banks Browne (213), 4th POCOCK (178), 5th Rowson (139), 6th MacKenzie (133), 7th Keet (122), 8th Elderfield (118), 9th Karro (109), 10th Clarke (93)


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