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A race day to remember at Canada Heights

A race day to remember at Canada Heights

The second round of the Maxxis British Motocross championship will be one to remember for the thousands who attended one of the best Maxxis rounds at the famous Canada Heights circuit.

The weather forecast for the Sunday predicted rain but after the chilly start in the morning the sun popped his little round face out and by 12pm everyone was basking in spring sunshine.

There is always something cool about Canada Heights certainly one round that guarantee’s big crowds and yesterday was big in fact one of the biggest crowds we’ve seen in a longtime.

The racing was spectacular too with Zach Osborne and Arnaud Tonus destroying the field in MX2, the battle between these two Bike It Cosworth team mates was immense and a real pleasure to watch. Joel Roelants tried his best to stay with the two front runners but had to succumb to third place on the day. Elliott Banks Browne was the best home grown rider in fourth.

In MX1 there were two different race winners in Shaun Simpson and Jason Dougan and with Kristain Whatley chasing both down all day it was great for the crowd to watch. All three races were packed with incident with race two being red flagged twice due to a huge off to Frenchman Seb Pourcel and then Gordon Crockard who had this to say about his off, “Not an easy day at all. I’m feeling pretty beaten-up, but thankfully all in one piece. I just got caught out in a section of track that’s under tree cover, so it’s not easy to see the ruts and before I knew it, I was down. It’s disappointing to say the least, but I’m confident that I’ll be back on the bike next weekend for the first round of the Red Bull Pro Nationals.”

But it was Shaun Simpson who managed to stay ahead of everyone in the points table to come out on top. “Overall its been a good day,” explained Simpson. “It was just a shame about the second race, as there seems to have been some confusion over the result, as I am sure I had been leading for two laps before the race was stopped. Anyway I got the overall win and was happy with the way that I was riding. Although the first race was perhaps the easiest of the three races, I enjoyed that race the least as I was not relaxed at all and rode tense. The last two races were more fun, as each time I had to come from behind. It was good to have the chance to try some fresh lines and was good training in some ways. We have still got work to do before the first GP, but things are definitely moving in the right direction.”

Images by Ray Chuss

Full Results
1 24 Shaun Simpson 72 25 22 25
2 227 Kristian Whatley 56 16 20 20
3 2 Stephen Sword 55 22 11 22
4 21 Jason Dougan 55 15 25 15
5 60 Brad Anderson 54 20 16 18
6 287 Markus Schiffer 46 12 18 16
7 50 Martin Barr 40 14 15 11
8 37 Gert Krestinov 36 10 12 14
9 4 Tom Church 35 13 9 13
10 555 Graeme Irwin 34 9 13 12

1 7 Arnaud Tonus 72 25 25 22
2 338 Zachary Osborne 69 22 22 25
3 34 Joel Roelants 54 16 18 20
4 44 Elliott Banks Browne 53 20 15 18
5 91 Mattis Karro 53 18 20 15
6 119 Mel Pocock 47 15 16 16
7 60 Scott Elderfield 34 12 10 12
8 511 Steven Clarke 32 7 12 13
9 162 Stuart Edmonds 32 13 11 8
10 121 Bryan Mackenzie 28 — 14 14


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