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Promotional boost for ACU Clubs and license holders

Promotional boost for ACU Clubs and license holders

ACU CLUBS and license holders are set to benefit from a fantastic new e-mail and web-based service from the ACU that promotes Club events to license holders in select regions free of charge – and also warns competitors of any cancellations if needed.

It means that any ACU affiliated Club can target its event to competitors to maximise the grids. The service allows them to target 10 postcodes of their choice and then sends the event information to the relevant ACU license holder in those areas. This is completely tailored, so motocross license holders will receive news on motocross events only, road race license holders on road race events only and so on – meaning as a license holder you know exactly what events are going on in your region and letting you decide what ones you want to take part in.

The information being sent to the license holder includes everything they need to know if they want to compete, from event through to age groups/categories, where, when, how much it costs and contact details for more information or registration for the event.

Any event cancellations can also be communicated through the ACU’s weekly newsletter service which goes out on Fridays and is e-mailed to all ACU license holders who have supplied an address. It means a quick check on a Friday will let you know if an event is on or off before leaving on a potentially long journey.

ACU Business Development Manager Dave Luscombe said: “This is a win-win-win initiative for the ACU, Clubs and license holders. As a Club you can now target your event at competitors in your area and that should strengthen grids. As a license holder you will now find out about local events and hopefully you will be encouraged to compete more – or if there is an unfortunate last minute cancellation then you will know before leaving home.

“This is another service from the ACU to its Clubs and license holders that will help them get the most from their membership and has real practical value from all sides. We encourage Clubs to use the promotional service and license holders to check their newsletter each Friday before setting off for an event.”

In order to sign up for the ACU newsletter service visit and select ‘Newsletters’ from the top menu bar – registration takes around one minute and not only will you know about the cancellation of any events but will also be kept up to date on all of the news on the motorcycle sport you are interested in.


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