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Pontrilas all Gooed up

Pontrilas all Gooed up

The famous hillside track of Pontrilas was the venue of South Somerset’s Rnd 7 CC, EYL and Grand Slam Qualifier. The venue was basking in bright sunshine on the Saturday afternoon of our arrival, leaving us in no doubt that a lot of watering would be needed. The track as always looked awesome, fast flowing and as wide as the M4 we had travelled on earlier that morning. Phil and The Fridge did a great job with the watering putting down enough to sink the Titanic.

Early Sunday morning the paddock was starting to swell with a large turnout creating an atmosphere around the pits only rivalled by Glastonbury itself.  Rhino Goo kindly came along with their stand and sponsored the top three riders of the day from each group with their brilliant range of cleaning products. Top man Chris!

The aim was to start practice as early as possible come race day, if the forecast was right we would be getting the hottest day of the year so far, and the track was going to dry out rapidly.  This was achieved by MX2 hitting the start straight at 9.10. With the heavy watering the day before this made the first few laps exciting to say the least. Not a speck of dust insight, just heavily soiled bikes and goggles, if Rhino Goo needed testing this was going to do it. As usual we like to juggle the race order, so second out were the MX1 chargers, eagerly followed by the speedy Rookies. Big wheels were next out before the little warriors on their autos took to the slightly shorter track. This left the Juniors next and the Small wheels acting as the anchor men.

There was three great blocks of fast and furious racing to be seen in every group. A cracking day!  Many thanks to Rhino Goo for their attendance and kind sponsorship of the top tree riders from each group. See you all at Landrake 16/17th July.


Auto 1 Liam Gale 2 Ben White 3 Bradley Richman 4 Callum Baldwin 5 Kyle Sheppard 6 Falon Bailie

Juniors 1 Connor Ford 2 Dominic Lancett 3 Callum Gasson 4 Archie Hicks 5 Casey Williams 6 Zak Clarke

Small Wheel 1 Bradley Flagg 2 Daniel Mundell 3  Callum Ford 4 Dion Lewis 5 Sam Williams 6 Jordan Wright

Big Wheel 1 Alex Barter 2 Henry Ebbutt 3 Luke Williams 4 Kieran Banks 5 Kyle Lane 6 Thomas Coat

Rookies 1 Rickie Rodrick 2 Emerson Jones 3 George Parfitt 4 Adam Morris 5 Joshua Ebbutt 6 Luke Sturgeon

MX2 1 Matt Gardiner 2 Andrew Sheard 3 Rick Williams 4 Harry Sellwood 5 Ben Pearson 6 Ty Kellett

MX1 1 Josh Waterman 2 Danny Iles 3 Scott Ardren 4 Brett Hillman 5 Rbert Lewis 6 Gavin Flagg.


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