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First podium for Jonathan Barragan but mixed day for De Dycker

First podium for Jonathan Barragan but mixed day for De Dycker

International MX Lacapelle-Marival (De Dycker) and Spanish MX championship Albaida (Barragan)

LS Honda Racing mounted a double challenge this weekend with Ken De Dycker continuing his preparation in France and Jonathan Barragan riding at home in Spain. Despite an injury to his hand Jonathan did much more than damage limitation to his championship hopes. True to form Barragan showed determination in the opening round of the Spanish MX championship, he surprised many with a fine 3rd place after Alvaro Lozano and Jose Antonio Butron. De Dycker achieved a respectable 3rd and 4th place at the Monster Energy Motocross Masters in Lacapelle-Marival, France but didn’t start in the 3rd moto.

Reigning champion Spanish MX1 champion Jonathan Barragan headed to the ‘La Vega’ track in Albaida (Valencia) with question marks about his race fitness. Ten days ago he injured his left hand, thus confining his time in the saddle in last week’s Valence International to practice only. During Sunday’s qualifying in Albaida his hand remained painful, however Jonathan remained confident at least to finish both motos. After Lozano, Butron and Australia’s Dean Ferris Barragan set the 4th fastest time. In the first thirty minutes plus two laps race driving the LS Honda rider sat in a lonely third place after winner Butron and former MX3 world champion Lozano. While the leaders changed their positions, Lozano won in front of Butron, Barragan came home third in the second moto. Not only were Jonathan’s lap times more consistent given the circumstances it was a remarkable performance alltogether.

Jonathan Barragan: “I couldn’t ride this week, but I am very relieved. In Valence its was absolutely impossible to race, let alone finish three moto’s. I had significantly less pain today and I was able to start the Spanish championship in a pretty normal way. Just by riding my own pace, I finished third twice. That’s the kind of result I didn’t even dare to dream about before the event! In the first race I suffered some arm pump because I was a little bit nervous about how it would work out with my hand and perhaps I was even compensating too hard with my other hand! The second race went a lot better, I was faster and the gap with the leaders was smaller. Next weekend I won’t be racing but some time off suits me perfectly for the moment.”

MX Elite Albaida race 1: 1. José Antonio Butron, 2. Alvaro Lozano, 3. Jonathan Barragan (LS Honda Racing), 4. Fabien Izoird, 5. Gunther Schmidinger, 6. Santtu Tiainen, 7. Raul Alvarez, 8. Jaume Betriu, 9. Björn Andersson, 10. Christian Barragan 

MX Elite Albaida race 2: 1. Alvaro Lozano, 2. José Antonio Butron, 3. Jonathan Barragan (LS Honda Racing), 4. Maxime Lesage, 5. Fabien Izoird, 6. Gunther Schmidinger, 7. Joan Cortes, 8. Santtu Tiainen, 9. Jaume Betriu, 10. Raul Alvarez

Classification Albaida and MXElite-Spaans championship after one round
1. Alvaro Lozano 47 ptn, 2. José Antonio Butron 47, 3. Jonathan Barragan (LS Honda Racing) 40, 4. Fabien Izoird 34, 5. Gunther Schmidinger 31, 6. Santtu Tiainen 28, 7. Raul Alvarez 25, 8.Jaume Betriu 25, 9. Joan Cortes 24, 10. Björn Andersson 22

Conditions were absolutely perfect for racing in Lacapelle. Unfortunately the day started not so well for Ken De Dycker. De Dycker had to put his foot on the groound and he hit his right knee that he had hurt previously in Valence. Nevertheless Keeno qualified in 7th. In the opening race, the LS Honda rider made his way back to the front from a slow start in the middle of the pack. Methodically the former British MX1 champion made headway to cross the line fourth behind Christophe Pourcel, holeshotman Julien Bill and Britain’s Tommy Searle. Ken had a better jump out of the gate in the second moto, circulating in 8th. By half race distance De Dycker was fifth, but things would heat up seariously at the front near the end of the race. Searle was chasing leader Pourcel, while the CRF450R mounted De Dycker -who was third by then- quickly made ground on both Pourcel and Searle. With three top riders fighting it out for the win the French crowd was spoiled. Eventually Pourcel won, the spectacular De Dycker came third with only 5 seconds between him and CP.

Ken De Dycker, 6th overall: “Especially in the opening moto I didn’t dare to put my foot down and I had to be very careful when landing the bike. Tough luck really because the pain in my knee had nearly subsided since last Friday! After every moto the knee was getting bigger so I decided to skip the final race. In terms of riding things were quite good but we need to push on to make my starts more consistent. Hopefully my knee is okay next week when I will be riding the opening round of the Dutch Championship in Oss.”

Lacapelle-Marival Race 1: 1- POURCEL Christophe, 2- BILL Julien, 3- SEARLE Tommy, 4- De DYCKER Ken (LS Honda Racing), 5- SOUBEYRAS Cedric, 6- POTISEK Milko, 7- Roelants Joël, 8- RICHIER Florent, 9- AUBIN Arnaud, 10 – CLERMONT Jason,

Lacapelle-Marival Race 2: 1- POURCEL Christophe, 2- SEARLE Tommy, 3- De DYCKER Ken (LS Honda Racing), 4- SOUBEYRAS Cedric, 5- BILL Julien, 6- POTISEK Milko, 7- ROELANTS Joël, 8- RICHIER Florent, 9- LEONCE Loic, 10- Wouts Kevin,

Lacapelle-Marival Race 3: 1- SOUBEYRAS Cedric, 2- POURCEL Christophe, 3- SEARLE Tommy, 4- BILL Julien, 5- ROELANTS Joël,- 6- AUBIN Arnaud, 7- VAN DAELE Marvin, 8- FORS Kevin, 9- CLERMONT Jason, 10- VAN DUEREN Kenny – DNS Ken De Dycker

Classification Lacapelle Marival: 1- POURCEL Christophe 72 ptn, 2- SEARLE Tommy 62, 3- SOUBEYRAS Cedric 59, 4- BILL Julien 56, 6- De DYCKER Ken (LS Honda Racing) 44, 7- CLERMONT Jason 38, 8- POTISEK Milko 32, 9- VAN DAELE Marvin 30, 10- AUBIN Arnaud 28

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