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The Phoenix has landed - SSMX report

The Phoenix has landed - SSMX report

Glorious sunshine and a spring like day was the setting for South Somerset’s 1st Club Champs, Elite Youth League and Grand Slam Qualifier at Phoenix Motoparc on the 19th of Feb. The meeting saw the début of our live timing feed to large screen and mobile phone via our wireless network, all of which worked extremely well.

Practice out of the way, racing started with MX1. Some fast boys had come out to play, John May, Luke Mellows, Jackson Evans, Wayne Shimmell etc. These boys had a great time making this technical track look remarkably easy.

Moto one ended with May taking the win ahead of Mellows, Shimmell, Ben Harman, Scott Ardren and Darren Banwell.

Moto two finished with May at the helm with Mellows only a second behind him, Evans third, Shimmell fourth, Banwell fifth  and Ross Flashman sixth.

Moto three and May was involved in a second corner pile up leaving him dead last, but luckily for him but not so lucky for Mellows the race was red flagged. On the re run May made no mistake this time and took his third win of the day,  Evans pushed him all the way to second, Shimmell third, Banwell fourth, Ben Harman fifth and Luke Blanchard sixth.

MX2 saw former Portuguese National 85cc Champion and club member Duarte Claro making his third race in the UK. Tommy Alba was the man to beat being reunited with his Oakleaf kawasaki taking the win a head of the hard charging Ryan Pryer in second, Ryan Redwood third, Duarte Claro fourth, Ben Griffiths fifth, Tom White sixth.

Moto two and Alba couldn’t be beaten but Claro tried for second, Redwood having a great race to third, Pryer fourth, Griffiths fifth and Haydn Crocker sixth.

Drama in moto three with Alba and Redwoods bike’s both having mechanical failure leaving Pryer and Claro to fight it out, Pryer won followed by Claro, Griffiths, Olly Jones getting involved on his 250cc smoker for fourth, Crocker fifth and White sixth.

The Rookies saw Luke Sturgeon taking the win in moto one a head of Luke Williams on a 125 smoker in second, Kieran Banks third, George Parfitt fourth, Loukas Maggio fifth and Ryan Davis sixth.

In moto two Sturgeon again couldn’t be beaten. Ryan Hooper tried hard but had to settle for second, Banks third, Parfitt fourth, Maggio fifth and Tom Coate sixth.

Moto three and Sturgeon had his hat-trick, Hooper in second spot, Josh Broadway third, Parfitt fourth, Davis fifth and Coate sixth.

The Auto’s took to a shortened but still challenging track with visitor Finley Jai Truman flying to the win a head of equally flying Jake Pascoe in second, Tommy Stone third, Tyler Westcott fourth Edward Hoddinott fifth and Alfie Calvert in sixth.

In moto two Stone got the better of Truman for the win, Pascoe third, Calvert fourth, Westcott fifth and Hoddinott sixth.

A chain snapping in moto three ended Truman chances leaving Pascoe the win, Westcott second, Hoddinott third, Calvert fourth, Stone fifth and little Archie Dowson riding to a great sixth place.

The Juniors took to the whole track, with the impressive Conor Ford taking the win in moto one a head of Liam Gale, James Rowe third, Harrison Shepherd fourth, Morgan Timms fifth and Harrison Luff in sixth.

Conor was unstoppable and took moto two, Rowe moving up to second, Gale third, Shepherd fourth,  Luff fifth and Thomas Darlow sixth.

Moto three, and no change for the win, Rowe again second, Gale third, Luff this time fourth, Shepherd fifth and Darlow sixth.

The last group of the day was the Small and Big Wheels combined. In moto one Billy King was on fire to take the win, Luke Parish gave his all to second, Callum Ford third, Jack Sherwin fourth, Jamie Harris fifth and George Rowson sixth. Bradley Flagg the quickest small wheel pilot, Archie Hicks on his TM second, Lucy Calvert showing the boys how to do it for third, Moreland Smith fourth, Ross Kersey fifth and Callum Gordon sixth.

Moto two and no one could catch King, Ford second, Rowson third, Sherwin fourth, Roberts fifth and Harris sixth. Flagg came away with the small wheel win, Hicks second, Smith third, Calvert fourth, Casey Williams fifth and Jordan Allen sixth.

Moto three, and King had a bad start leaving him with a lot of work to do if he wanted the win. It took him right up until the last lap to catch and pass Ford and Roberts for the win, good riding Billy! Ford second, Roberts third, Sherwin fourth, George Welch fifth and Parish sixth.

No one could catch Flagg who once again took the small wheel win a head of Hicks, Calvert third, Gordon fourth, Smith fifth and Williams sixth.

Many thanks to Barry Moore of Phoenix Tools for his help and support, the MCF for the excellent time keeping training and the multitude of riders that supported us at this event. Best wishes to any riders that were injured on the day.

Phoenix proved to be a fantastic way to start our club champs, roll on Brookthorpe on the 11th March.

1. John May                          1. Ryan Pryer
2. Wayne Shimmell              2. Duarte Claro
3. Jackson Evans                 3. Ben Griffiths
4. Darren Banwell                4. Olly Jones
5. Ben Harmon                     5. Tom White
6. Scott Ardren                     6. Haydn Crocker
Rookies 250 4T               Rookies 125 2T
1. Luke Sturgeon                 1. Kieran Banks
2. George Parfitt                  2. Daniel Wheelan
3. Ryan Hooper                   3. Jordan Muscato
4. Ryan Davis                      4. Daniel Crocker
5. Tom Coate                       5. James Skidmore
6. Loukas Maggio                6. James Ford
Big Wheels                          Small Wheels
1. Billy King                        1. Bradley Flagg
2. Callum Ford                   2. Archie Hicks
3. Jack Sherwin                 3. Lucy Calvert
4. Jack Roberts                 4. Moreland Smith
5. Luke Parish                   5. Callum Gordon
6. George Welch               6. Casey Williams
Juniors                            Autos
1. Conor Ford                    1. Jake Pascoe
2. James Rowe                 2. Tommy Stone
3. Liam Gale                     3. Tyler Westcott
4. Harrison Shepherd       4. Edward Hoddinott
5. Harrison Luff                 5. Alfie Calvert
6. Morgan Timms             6. Archie Dowson

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