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PAR Honda’s Kristian Whatley Shines in the Sun

PAR Honda’s Kristian Whatley Shines in the Sun

In a fantastic return to form, PAR Honda’s MX1 pilot, Kristian Whatley came to Round 4 of the British Motocross Championship and found the speed and poise that has eluded him for much of the early rounds. Whatley recorded strong 6 / 4 / 3 score to give him a fifth overall, boosting the 450 rider to 6th in the championship and within sight of the top three. Team mate Dorren Coutts had a reasonable day for a rider still recovering from injury, and the 250 guys also gave their all in the hot and dusty conditions, all coming away with a handful of points to boost their season scores, with brothers Nathan and Ben Watson now sitting 12th and 5th in their respective championship.

Kristian Whatley – MX1
The day went alright really – the main aim of the game today was starts and I was right on the inside most of the time so I was really happy with that n- starts were so vital with such a tight track. I felt strong and in control in my racing today. In the last race I bided my time and overtook Swordy towards the end of the race and then waited for the last two or three laps before I had a go and managed to get past Josh (Coppins). I haven’t done a thirty, thirty five minute moto for I don’t know how long! The day was the best I’ve had so far this season – we’re getting there with the bike and the engine set up. I was happy with the day – fifth overall was a good result for me and the team.

Dorren Coutts – MX1
It’s been tough today – I’ve only just started riding again in the last week or two, so I’m building on my fitness again. I struggled a bit with the heat throughout the day, so it’s been a hard few races out there. I just need to get my training back and keep the schedule going and I should have a better finish to the second part of the season.

Adam Sterry – MX2
Today hasn’t been the best really, but I’ve never had much luck here! I’m just happy to be leaving the track without an injury really. In the first race I was within the top ten so was happy with that, but I made a few mistakes and tightened up which meant I dropped back a bit. In the second race I got much the same kind of start but felt I was pushing hard and I’d got into a better rhythm. But then I had a bit of a coming together with Luke Hawkins and we both went down. I got a few places back then went down again so it’s hard to keep coming back. The last race – well I’m not sure I really like that format but it is what it is. Roll on Desertmartin.

Nathan Watson – MX2
The day was pretty good – I’ve been consistent which is what you need. In the first race I fell a couple of times getting stuck behind people, but I managed to pull myself back to 12th, which was good on a track that’s so difficult to pass. Race two went much the same – I got knocked off by someone on the first corner , but put my head down and came back to 14th which I was happy with, The Super final was alright really, up against the MX1 boys was a new experience, but I got 8th in the MX2 class, but unfortunately you only get the points for the overall race position.

Ben Watson – MXY2
Today didn’t go as well as I’d wanted. In the first race I had a really bad start and then there was a pile up in front of me in the first corner and I stalled. I got back to eighth and I was riding well but I didn’t get the result I wanted. In the second race I was third off the start but I fell off again on the first lap and pulled back to eighth again. I know I can do better.

Neil Prince – Team Manager
A good day today, the last race today showed just how well Whatley can go. The way he has been riding is coming together now, and with a class that is so stacked and the way it plated out today he got better and better – this track is his sort of going and he showed he can go really well in these conditions. Dorren is still recovering from breaking his collarbone six weeks ago, so today was a good day. The final moto was a bit of a challenge –if it had been the usual 20 minutes I think he’d have been in the top ten, but because it was 30 he was pretty spent. The heat has been hard on a lot of riders today. Adam is a super talented kid, gets off the gate well, rides tidy, uses very little energy on the bike but again needs at this level to get his speed up for the full distance. He can be running 7th or eighth for 12 – 13 minutes but then loses concentration and drops back. The way he’s going he’s heading in the right direction. Both Nathan and Ben did well today – I think both of them had some problems at the start of their races but managed to pull through for good finishes – they are strong riders and keep going and going. I’m really happy with their performances today.

So with plenty of valuable championship points under their belts, the PAR Honda team have just over a month before crossing the Irish Sea to take on Desertmartin at Round 5.


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