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Paddock talk from Lierop - Scottish MXDN team will it happen?

Paddock talk from Lierop - Scottish MXDN team will it happen?


The last GP in Europe was sure to throw up a few topics of discussion and pit rumours, so here goes…

The Scottish team for the 2009 MXDN looks like a go’er according to sources around the paddock, will Billy, Shaun and Stephen be in Italy – watch this space.

CAS have verbally signed Billy Mackenzie for 2010.

Jobe to start a new a team with 2009 factory 2009 bikes, not sure which manufacture as of yet.

Shaun is definitely riding a linkage KTM and he’s more than happy with the set up.

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  1. lewis

    that will be an awsome team i say go for it

  2. Mike

    Team Scotland = Team DNF

    It would be a shame if it actually happened. As its supposed to be Team GB. Your suppose to earn your place on the team. If you haven’t performed well enough then you won’t be on the team. Fair is fair.

  3. kali

    on todays performance i,d only pencil in shaun , but there is more to scotland than just billy and swordy,,

  4. Mig

    Team scotland? Defo. Strong team for sure and if they all stay on anythings possible.

  5. Mark Booker

    Great news! I’m English but having followed the GP’s for years I’m proud to wear and wave the Union Jack, if any Johnny foreigner asks where I’m from I tell them I’m from Great Britian. To see an all English team picked was a big suprise especially as no GP regulars are in the team. What about Jake Nicholls? He’s now a regular top ten in the world champs! As we’re off to Italy for the nations I hope Scotland do get to ride because Billy,Stephen and Shaun are also British, as is Gordon Crockard who always rides for Ireland. Let’s not forget they all progresed to world class riders through the British Championship. So let’s hope Scotland get to ride at the nations, I’ll be cheering them and all the other Brits on for sure and waving the Union Jack!

  6. Mig

    I’m with Mark (above) on this one. If i make it over to watch and Scotland are allowed a team, i will cheer them and the official British team (i’m scottish). I wish all the boys good luck on the day rather than side for a specific team.

  7. Paul Judd

    I say go for it boys. I remember the support we all gave the Irish boys last year, I was horse after cheering Martin Barr on in the B final. Be like teams from the old Commonwealth !!!!!

  8. Craig Hamilton

    finally! i grew up racing in Scotland. and moved to the US when i was 22. MX in Scotland almost faded away for a while it seems . I still love Scotland ,and to see us having riders of the calibre of those guys gives me goose bumps, i hope it all works out and we can kick some ass. Scotland the brave, hoots mon!


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