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Norfolk MXC Breaks 100 Mark

Norfolk MXC Breaks 100 Mark

Round 2 of the Norfolk MXC Summer Championships was held on May 7th at their home track of Sculthorpe. The Eastern Concrete sponsored round, ran the day after the hugely successful ACU Maxxis British Championship round at nearby Lyng, and attracted over 100 riders. For the first time since Norfolk MXC began the Adult group was so well attended it had to be split in two, as many riders tried to emulate the professionals.

The Auto group was the first to benefit from growing numbers, as 15 young riders chased hard after maximum man Jake Swan. Evie Goffin has joined Maisie Elvin-Andrews in pursuit of the boys, but it was Max Goffin who rounded out the top 10. Kieran Rudd was disappointed he couldn’t catch the fast Swan.

Another maximum was taken by Callum Mitchell who looked confident on a slippery track caused by a brief rain shower. Drew Kemp chased hard all day, but didn’t look to have the edge that Mitchell had. Jay Perry tied on points with Cameron Hayward, but the latters better finish in the last heat saw him take 5th spot.

The SW85s joined the BW85s for a “race within a race.” In the SW85’s Toby Avis led home Ryan Allison, Ben Seckers spill in the the first race didn’t harm his overall result, and Bruno Dowds battled long and hard with Callum Lake. Kane Fishers prayers were answered when it rained but nobody looked like catching him anyway in the BW85 group. Tricky conditions meant Callum Stannard, Regan Jarvis, Sophie Dorken and Kirby Jarvis DNF’d the last heat. When asked if she had enjoyed the last race Kirby grinned and said “No!”. Another strong showing from Connor Bunkle, whose feet-up style and throttle control stood him in good stead in the slippy finale, left him just off the podium behind Harvey Thomas, Ashley Rudd and Fisher.

Fresh from his experience at Lyng, West Country boy Simon Booth took the first win in the schoolboys from Ben Watling who made 2 minor errors (the first was laying down!). Watling won the remaining 2 heats in convincing style from Booth and young Tom Sidell. Youngest Watling, Jack, missed the opener as his radiator spewed water on the startline, and after a disastrous heat 2 threw in the towel as he missed heat 3. Connor Stoker visited his favourite drainage ditch twice over the course of the day, and Gareth Hunter sat out the day as he lost control of his mount in race 1, just before getting nailed by Ryan Rudd.

Having had a qualification race to decide who was to be in group A and B it was Luke Parker who ran away with both wins in the A group. Both Hales boys ended up in the A group but at opposite ends, younger brother Rob hanging on to 4th, while a DNF kept Tristan way down the order. In the B group first-timer Bob “Spud” Esposito finished 1 point behind Mark Palmer, both just outside the top 10, but Leon Raby pipped Marc Nickerson and Rik Gorrell to the win.


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