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New BSMA Chairman Paul Butler explains the organisations future

New BSMA Chairman Paul Butler explains the organisations future

New BSMA Chairman Paul Butler explains the organisations future

Over the last few years the UK’s leading youth organisation the BSMA has lost that spark that once made it a hot bed for most of today’s top UK pro riders.

In house disagreements, losing clubs to other bodies and the decline of riders have seen many BSMA members disillusioned with their take on the sport.
Paul Butler was recently voted in as the new BSMA chairman and will hopefully bring back the once glory years.

Paul sat down with Chussy to discuss his role and how things will start to move forward in the coming months.

  1. lee H

    I think maybe before anyone gives paul buttler a pat on the back they had better lock away any monies etc this guy is a con man and has ripped so many off recently causing huge upset buy telling a chap he has aload of bark chippings like used at apex and having a load of rubbish dumped all round the track inc metal 6mm lami glass nails broken toilets etc the smallest bit of bark was probebly about 2″ sqaured and most of it splintered so badly it would have killed someone hence the meeting was canceld on the morning costing my club CHELTENHAM SPA OVER £1600 he hasnt a pot to pea in and only ever ducks and dives perhaps now he has this position he will want to turn a new leaf and pay us back?

  2. al

    God help the bsma.don’t know how he’s duped them,but round here it’s common knowledge Paul is full of manure.he’s always been a liar and most probably,will always be so. He was even antagonising Cheltenham club riders on a practice day at yourselves a favour and get shotof him,he’s nothing but trouble.
    And for the record,the stuff at apex is a 100 times better than the stuff he recommended


    This comment that Lee H put on here about the woodchip has nothing to do with Paul Butler, I comfirm that, I mike take responsibility to put this right.

    1. lee H

      Well club officials state that paul butler was reasponsable if thats not the case and your saying you will put it right i think its just over £1600 that our club lost and as a club member for many a year i feel we all work hard and to lose that amount of money for no fault of our own is unfair. Its great to see you have admited liability Mike i guess you must have public liability insurance in place they will pick up the bill for you

      1. MIKE TRUMAN

        hope your club finds a new track for next year

      2. al

        Thanks for admitting liability mike,everything has been hush,hush,with Paul’s name always coming up as the person who was responsible for suggesting the use of these “woodchips”. I admire and apreciate honesty,so assume Paul had no part in recommending these for the track.
        Something that bothers me tho,is why he hung around looking at the track after the meeting was cancelled.then 5 days later he turns up at apex on a Cheltenham track day,stating he had been at brookthorpe that day and implying they had practiced there that morning and that the track was good. He also drove over to the large woodchip pile at apex,I assume to have a look at it. Even if he had nothing to do with brookthorpe,I would like to know what his intentions were with his behaviour and comments.

    2. lee H

      Mike i am one person with a view which i am entitled too and for you to react in such away is a total joke! I wish they would find another track at least then we would be less lightly to lose money through stupid behaviour after all when it was dropped some mindless moron had to spread it around!

      1. lee truman

        lee hicks my dad puts so much hard work into that place even putting in his own money and time just because he loves it. its his pride and joy every spair bit of money he has he puts in to the track and people like you just shit all over him groww up

      2. lee H

        Lee it has nothing to do with shitting on anyone or having to grow up, I run my own business and if i was hit in the pocket as cheltenham club have been i would be looking to limit the damage as anyone would, all im saying as a club member of a good few years i feel bitter we put the effot in to run a meeting and lose money through someones stupidity, now the blame lies with some one? and we get told its due to mr butler, you claim its nothing to do with him i can understand the wrong info being given and the wrong product be delivered but a blind man would have questioned it before spreading it around the track, Im sure Mike puts alot of time and effot into prepping the track and as a whole i think he does a top job, but this time it was a total joke, i personally dont believe he was daft enough to spread it around the track however someone did! but regardless my point is as a club member i feel very upset that as a club we lost so much money to no fault of our own and think that someone should be picking up the costs im not out on a witch hunt im just saying it as i see it and im sure theres as many that will agree with my point of view as there are that will dissagree.

  4. unknown

    People should understand and realize how much Mike puts his heart,time,effort and money into Brookthorpe, not because he has too, because he wants to, too keep the more decent motocross track up and running. He could think fuck it, what’s the point. But he doesn’t. So quit the complaining and put up with it, or do what Mikes doing and see if you can put up with the pain and agrow he has to put up with when the slightest thing has gone wrong at the track. I’m sure the wood chip was put on there to try and improve Brookthorpe through wet and dry. But what got put on there wasn’t the outcome expected, But things like this happen, money gets wasted, people get upset. It’s the life of motocross.

  5. unknown

    Lee H. I think its stupid how your the one always kicking up a fuss. Where’s the people backing you? There’s a lot of people in the world that run there own business and know what its like to hit the bag. Then putting your money into a motocross track, where you’ve tried to improve it but it wasn’t the outcome anyone expected, and then to get slagged off and slated over facebook and motocross community sites wouldn’t make you feel great would it? So sit in Mikes seat and take the shit, because i’m sure if he knew how shit quantity of bark that was being put on the track then he wouldn’t of allowed it too be dumped. But he didn’t and it’s cost everyone money not just Cheltnham Club but money out of Mikes pocket as well, money that he chooses too put in to it. Well earned money. Cheltnham Club i’m sure they can easily make that money back.

    1. Unknown

      The fact Cheltenham club could make the money back is irrelevant.the fact that they have spent money and got nothing for it is.if u bought a £1000 tv that didn’t work u wouldn’t say oh well I can go buy another.idiot.mike trumans work is fantastic the track is always perfect.1 mistake does not deserve all the shit he is getting on here or anywhere else.i hope it can be resolved for a good season next year.

  6. Martin Downer

    I also agree with the above comments about needing to pay back all of the monies he has ripped people off with over the years. I for one, am in the queue, and find it frustrating he’s been given ANOTHER chance in a powerful position to nurture the future of our sport.

    This man deserves much much more then the worst possible punishment. I will be waiting for his day to arrive and hopefully the people that nearly lost everything due to his inconsiderate and selfish behaviour will once again be happy to be a part of the world that is motocross.


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