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Natalie Kane second in Slovenia WMX Qualifying Race

Natalie Kane second in Slovenia WMX Qualifying Race

OREHOVA VAS (Slovenia), 10 June 2012 – After eight minutes and eleven seconds, there was red flag in the air. The reason was: bad weather. Immediately after sighting lap of Qualifying race the heavy rain started. That was pity for girls´ riders. Instead of this fact, the results of shortened Qualifying race are regular. So let´s sum it up.

On the heavy muddy terrain Chiara Fontanesi could make it and be the first. Even though it was very short race, she was leader from the beginning, also in the first turn. Tomorrow in Race one and two, she can choose the pole position as a first. In this fifth round in Slovenia she is save, because she is 60 points ahead of second Britt van der Wekken in championship standing.

Second was Natalie Kane from Ireland. HM Plant KTM UK team was happy about it, because tomorrow she will have advantage of choosing position on start just after Chiara. This is very important, because she will try to manage to be on podium in front of Britt van der Wekken and move yourself to the second place overall.
Natalie Kane: “The tack itself wasn´t very difficult. This mud wasn´t sticky. More difficult was situation, when others felt down and I was trying to avoid contact with them.”

Polish Joanna Miller was on the third place all time long. In Pre-Qualifying practise she made the fourth best lap time and later in the afternoon she can improved and be third in Qualifying race.

Britt van der Wekken from Nederland faced this slickly surface too. In relatively dry track in Pre-Qualifying practise she was fifth and on muddy terrain in Qualifying race she jumped on the fourth place. Tomorrow she is going to fight for points and for third place overall with Natalie Kane.

Due to training and experiences, nothing can make Anne Borchers surprised, neither the rain. The fifth position belongs to her from the start till the end. In Pre-Qualifying race she was one place below. She had driven very stable.

Sixth was Marianne Veenstra from Nederland. It means that in Slovenian Qualifying race there are two countrymen in first top ten. From the beginning she was behind Francesca Nocera but afterwards she overtook her and reached the sixth place.

French Justine Charroux can speed up too. After the start Marriane Veenstra was in front of her, but later on there was Justine’s turn. Result is, that Charroux we can see on seventh place.

In first top ten of Qualifiing race there are also two Italian girls. One is Chiara Fontanessi on 1st and second is Francesca Nocera on 8th position. Next top ten duo comes from Germany. Mentioned Anne Brocherst on 5th and Selina Schittenhelm on 9th place.

Ten best WMX girls closed only one Russian Ekaterina Guryeva.

WMX Qualifying Race top ten: 1. Fontanesi, Chiara (ITA, Yamaha) 3:56.982; 2. Kane, Natalie(GBR, KTM) +0:12.952; 3. Miller, Joanna (POL, KTM) +0:25.749; 4. van der Wekken, Britt (NED, Honda) +0:30.280; 5. Borchers, Anne (GER, Suzuki) +0:37.307; 6. Veenstra, Marianne (NED, KTM) +0:46.540; 7. Charroux, Justine (FRA, Yamaha) +0:51.575; 8. Nocera, Francesca (ITA, KTM) +1:00.867; 9. Schittenhelm, Selina (GER, KTM) +1:09.129; 10. Guryeva, Ekaterina (RUS, Kawasaki) +1:14.249;

Complete results available here

MX3 Round of Slovenia – QUICK FACTS
Circuit length: 1 554 m
Type of ground: hard pack
Temperature: 18°C
Weather conditions: rain

Saturday: MX3 Free Practice 10:00; WMX Free Practice 11:00; MX3 Qualifying Race 15:00; WMX Qualifying Race 16:00;
Sunday: WMX Warm-Up 10:00; MX3 Warm-Up 10:30; WMX Race 1 12:30; MX3 Race 1 13:30; WMX Race 2 15:30; MX3 Race 2 16:30;


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