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MXDN Saturday - Race Gallery

MXDN Saturday - Race Gallery

WOW! The first three races of the 2009 MXDN in Italy are now done and dusted, three magnificent qualifying races in all three classes.

Where ever you go in the world of motocross there are two guarantees, one being a union jack and the second a MOTO t/shirt – cool

In MX1 Billy Mackenzie took the holeshot and led for five laps from home crowd favourite Tony Cairoli, mid race Mackenzie dropped it just after the rhythm section and that was his challenge over, Cairoli went on to win from Clement Desalle and Chad Reed.

Steve Ramon played it safe with third in the open class, expect a little more from him we think

It was the Marvin Musquin show in race two, Musquin dominated from start to finish in a solid performance which must have sent shivers down the spines of his fellow racers.
Tommy Searle crept up through the pack and finished second which brought a smile to many a British fan who made the trip to Italy.

Simpson getting the support from his brother and mechanic Stefan

Team Italy are looking hot and David Phillipaerts didn’t disappoint with a great ride to put Italy firmly in place as favourites, Gautier Paulin kept french hopes alive with a confident second in a three way battle with Belgium’s Steve Ramon and our very own Shaun Simpson, Simpson kept the pressure on from the gate and lets hope he is holding something back for tomorrows main event.

Phillipaerts was laying it flat for the crowd on his way to victory

Other news from Italy is Billy Mackenzie was spotted supporting a small bandage around his right forearm, team America are near impossible to get too even for a fully paid up press all access pass – annoying to say the least, crowds are still swarming through the gates to join the thousands who are already here and whoever the let the doves out are regretting it now as quite a few were run over and killed on the track – RIP the Doves from above!

The MXDN is all about team spirit and support, get that right and you have found the winning formula

Tommy looked good, doing enough to finish second – is there more in the tank for tomorrow? Lets wait and see

Ryan Dungey didn’t have the best of starts but he put that behind him to put in a great ride, USA are currently in 6th position in the table, tomorrow is a different day for sure

TC is the man

Images by Ray Chuss

Current leader board
1 Italy 2
1 15 PHILIPPAERTS, David FMI Yamaha Open
1 13 CAIROLI, Antonio FMI Yamaha MX1
(10) 14 GUARNERI, Davide FMI Yamaha MX2

2 France 3
2 6 PAULIN, Gautier MCM Kawasaki Open
(7) 4 FROSSARD, Steven FFM Kawasaki MX1

3 Belgium 5
2 7 DESALLE, Clement FMB Honda MX1
3 9 RAMON, Steve FMB Suzuki Open

4 Great Britain 6
2 11 SEARLE, Tommy ACU KTM MX2
4 12 SIMPSON, Shaun MCUI KTM Open
(13) 10 MACKENZIE, Billy ACU Honda MX1

5 Australia 7
3 16 REED, Chad MA Suzuki MX1
4 17 METCALFE, Brett MA Honda MX2
(7) 18 BYRNE, Michael AMA Suzuki Open

6 USA 10
5 3 TEDESCO, Ivan AMA Honda Open
5 1 DUNGEY, Ryan AMA Suzuki MX1
(8) 2 WEIMER, Jake AMA Kawasaki MX2

7 Republic of South Africa 11
5 44 RATTRAY, Tyla MSA Kawasaki MX2
6 43 SWANEPOEL, Gareth MSA Kawasaki MX1
(12) 45 BRADSHAW, Neville MSA Honda Open

8 New Zealand 15
4 22 COPPINS, Joshua MNZ Yamaha MX1
11 24 COLUMB, Scott MNZ Suzuki Open
(20) 23 PHILLIPS, Michael MNZ Honda MX2

9 Spain 16
8 21 CAMPANO, Carlos RFME Yamaha Open
8 19 BARRAGAN, Jonathan RFME KTM MX1
(26) 20 OLIVA, Cristian RFME Yamaha MX2

10 Estonia 17
6 36 LEOK, Tanel EMF Yamaha Open
11 34 LEOK, Aigar EMF TM MX1

  1. cavemanDad

    Thanks MOTO for the pic of me and my son! What a great event, it had everything and more (except of course a GB win) the racing was fast and furious, the weather was fantastic, the crowd was amazing, the freestyle was great 1st time but less so on the 5th run Sunday. The opera singer was weird as was the blue suited brigade climbing up the side of the Red Bull table top. In all the price of the ticket, the inflated prices for food, the nerve to charge 30euro for a walk around the paddock. However the look on the faces of the Italians stood around us when TC went down in Race 3 was priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll on Thunder Valley, I’m pricing my flights now.


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