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MXBOOST and SMRacing introduce the new healthy and professional energy drink!

MXBOOST and SMRacing introduce the new healthy and professional energy drink!

Mxboost is a new power drink and thirst quencher that actually works naturally and safely with your body’s metabolism. Its smart blend of energy stimulating vitamins improve strength and enable you to deliver maximum performance when its needed!

Mxboost ISO CHARGER (YELLOW)is an isotonic sports drink, composited on a base of natural mineral water supplemented with pure fruit juice, designed specifically for safe and quick rehydration for adults and kids. It has a smart blend of 6 energy stimulating viatamins for improving strength whilst delivering performance in extreme sports. Fluid loss leads to a drop in performance and that’s why the ISO CHARGER unlike many other sports drinks is designed for safe and quick hydration.

MXBOOST X-TREME FAST (BLUE) is a sports drink with 4 vitamins, fructose and L-Camitine to increase endurance and fat burning during physical activity. When delivering performance at a high level, it is important that the metabolism is activated in an optimal way. The drink doesn’t contain any carbonic acid but instead the 1000mg of L-Camitine that transfers all the body fat into energy. The precious vitamins and minerals work together to ensure efficient recovery for professional athletes who want to appear physically and mentally prepared at the starting line.

The MXBOOST range is suitable for all ages because they don’t use caffeine or other similar substances or ingredients.
These drinks will not cause heart palpitations, nausea, dizziness, headache and other unwanted side efffects.

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