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Mudfest at Seaforde

Mudfest at Seaforde

Seaforde Motocross Parc was the venue for Round 2 of 2012 Ulster Motocross
Championship on Mayday Monday 7th May 2012. Although it was fairly dry
leading up to it, mother nature bestowed vast amounts of rain on the hard circuit
Monday morning. So much so that the organising club (Mourne Motorcycle
Club) would decide to shorten the event to two races each instead of three.

The JAR Honda team were fresh home from the British championships on
Sunday in Lyng, after an all night driving session from Norfolk in England to
Cairnryan in Scotland to get the boat back to Northern Ireland.

Wayne Garrett, riding his CRF 450R, was going into the day leading the
championship and after having a tough day before, wasn’t looking forward to it as
it is one of his least favorite tracks because he sustained a very bad leg injury
there in July of last year. The track was failing quickly due to the amount of
rainfall there had been on Monday morning.

Michael McCammond didn’t really mind the amount of rain that fell, as he
doesn’t really like hard pack tracks and this way it was evening up the odds a
bit if not even pointing them a bit in his favor. And with a great lot of effort he
was to capitalise on this.

Wayne Garrett MX1 – 7-3
“I was glad the event had been shortened to two races because all day I
struggled with traction problems and seemingly a lot more than the rest of the
riders. In the 1st race I got a very good start but got taken out on the 1st corner by
somebody hitting me from behind, so I had to work my way up through the field
and vision was nearly non-existent. Race 2 felt better but still had traction issues
but ended up 3rd”

Michael McCammond MX2 – 2-3
“Today I tried to make amends for yesterday and got two good starts. In race 1 I
managed to keep it upright and battled on to 2nd and in race 2 I also had a good
start and got hit on 1st corner which drove me off the track but after a lot of hard
work I pulled back up to 3rd. I am happy with the way the day went, picking myself
up some valuable points”

Jonathan Rea – Team Manager
“First of all I would like to thank all the team for their big effort this weekend,
especially Richard, Chris and Kenny for driving through the night after the British
Motocross on Sunday. Days like this it is important to finish and although Wayne
gave himself a lot of work in race one, he managed some valuable points.
Michael again is showed determination to take two strong race results.


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