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MOTO’s GP Preview Round 12 – The Czech GP

MOTO’s GP Preview Round 12 – The Czech GP

It’s August and it’s time for Round 12 of the World Motocross Grand Prix. The venue is known correctly as Loketske Serpetiny, situated on a towering slope in the tiny town of Loket, deep in the Western part of the Czech Republic. It’s one of the few traditional circuits left in the modern GP calendar, being almost unaltered since its first race back in 1973. The surface is hard pack, technical and ultra-fast and the fixture is always a favourite with riders and fans alike. Now firmly in the run down to the end of the season at Teutschental, the title races are entering their end games but there is still everything to play for. It ain’t over till it’s over.

Last years Highlights from MX1

After the problems in Sweden, Tony Cairoli has come back like a man possessed. The bad day was reminder that the Sicilian is not immune to bad luck, but whilst others might have gone into panic, TC222 has just upped the dials to 11 (Spinal Tap fans will know what we mean) and left the rest for dead. Desalle might have had the red plate for a week or two, but Tony snatched it right back and now has another 20 point lead. Fans can look forward to another blistering two motos from Cairoli, but the French triple team of Pourcel, Paulin and Boog – all firm fans of the hard pack – will be right up there to take the challenge to him. Desalle can’t be counted out, not indeed can British Champion in waiting Kevin Strijbos or indeed the reinvigorated Ken DeDycker. We’d like to think that Shaun can put in a big performance to set him up for Matterley, so let’s hope that he can step things up to podium level for Loket. The Nations place could rest on it!
Prediction – Cairoli, Paulin, Desalle

Last years Highlights from MX2

Try as he might, Tommy Searle just can’t get his way up to Herlings points total, or indeed his pace on many occasions this year. The double no score in Latvia has left him nearly fifty points adrift from the series leader and it would take either a miracle or complete disaster from Herlings to overturn the lead. But it nearly was a non-racing disaster for Herlings when he was involved in a crash coming back from the somewhat uninspiring and featureless Russian GP. Jeffrey was apparently less injured than the rest of the occupants of the vehicle, but it still left him with broken rib, concussion and probably a severe headache. He’ll have to hope that the laser treatment works its magic, as having recently broken a couple of ribs, those boys take a while to stop hurting big time. If the injury does end up costing him the championship, it will be desperately unlucky for him, and not the way anyone else will want to take the title. Racing injuries are fair game – RTAs are not. Back down the card, Van horebeek could still pinch third if Tommy is not careful, whilst Jake and Max remain locked in sixth and seventh.

What he really need is a double win from Tommy and we are going to be bold and go with that prediction – on hard pack TS100 is faster than Usain Bolt and if he can do this, the odds of a double win at Matterley will be well worth backing. Keeping with the patriotic feeling, we think this could be the GP that Nichols finally gets a podium.
Overall prediction – Searle, Herlings(if fit), Roelants.

If you fancy a trip to Czechoslovakia its well worth considering – ultra cheap beer and super-fast racing sounds like a recipe for a great weekend. If you can’t afford the expense, spend a tenner on a crate of Zatec and catch the action right here on MOTO.

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