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MOTO Olly's Tech Tips - Foot peg problems

MOTO Olly's Tech Tips - Foot peg problems

This is our first online tech feature from Olly Stone who is the mechanic for Jake Nicholls at the Nestaan JM KTM Racing Team, so he knows his stuff.

Over to you Olly….

Have you ever come out of a corner and gone to put your foot on the foot peg and found it pointing upright?

Well here at Saint Jean or any track similar that kind of thing happens a lot due to the tiny stones in the soil.

There are a few products on the market which are available to you which can help prevent the stones from sticking underneath your foot peg. But personally I’ve been there and tried that.

The best remedy for this problem is just a good old front inner tube.

All you need to do is cut a piece of tube a couple inches long at a slight angle and just simply slide it over your foot peg and run a pice of locking wire at the bottom to prevent it from being moved while in the rut.

And hey presto, a simple but effective trick for stopping your foot pegs getting stuck up on stoney or muddy tracks.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to prep your bike like the pro’s.

  1. Moto Magazine

    We looked around at some other factory bikes and a lot were clogged up with mud around the footpegs….hopefully they will follow Olly’s tech tip.

  2. Mr B

    Good tip Olly,Its allways good to improvise (Or Bodge)Its amaizin wot ya learn on the life journey to make it a bit easier. Regards Mr B.


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